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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing

The truth behind affiliate marketing is the fact that
90% of affiliates will actually make less than 100$
a month. Therefore, you shouldn't count on making
full time income unless you can get very good at the
1. Building a good web site that converts.
2. Search engine optimization. You'll need a
lot of traffic, as maybe 1 out of 200 visitors will
buy your products. SEO can help you get your site
in the search engines so more people will be able to
find you.
3. The trial and error of picking the right
merchants and learning the correct ways to promote

Too many people out there assume that affiliate
marketing is actually a get rich quick type of
program. These types of people will throw up a
couple of banners, then wonder why they never make
a single sale or any money at all.

How long you'll need to do it depends on how much
money you are wanting to make. If you are a quick
learner and really good at affiliate marketing, you
may high 2,000 in 2 years. This is based on the
fact that you are starting at 0 and the fact that
you have another full time job, not being able to
devote a lot of time working with your affiliate
marketing program.

If you decide to give it a try, the hardest challenge
will be the first few months. If you check your
stats and see that you are only making a couple of
bucks, you'll find yourself wondering if all the
hard work was worth it. If you get some sales
going and stay committed with your hard work, the
commissions should start growing.

One of the biggest factors with affiliate marketing
is the traffic that goes through your site. Even
though you'll get a lot of traffic passing through
your website, only a fraction of the traffic will
be buyers.

The key here is knowing your visitors and then
being able to determine which affiliate programs
you can offer to meet their needs. There is also
the concept of pre sale, which is the ability
to put your visitors in the required open and
mind set that's required for them to actually click
on what you are selling.

By sticking with affiliate marketing, you'll learn
more and more over the years. You can't expect to
be the best when you first start, it'll take a lot
of hard work and dedication. By putting the time
and effort into your programs, you'll be well on
your way to making it in the very profitable and
exciting world of affiliate marketing.





Think Yourself Thin

To lose fat, one must think. One must exercise their brain to change their body and reach their weight loss goals. If you have a plan, you'll succeed. But if you go in the gym and "wing it" everytime, you'll make no progress month-in and month-out. If time keeps on passing without any changes in your body, then you have to try something new.

Everytime I workout, I see the same people doing the exact same exercise routine in the gym. They go through the same machines in the same order using the same weight each day. Then they go to the same piece of cardio equipment and use the same level as yesterday and go at that same slow pace as always.

And do you know what I see the next day?

The same old physique on that same person. No change. Next week? No change. Same workout, same body.

Because they aren't thinking. And no one is thinking for them. They don't have a good trainer, or a good program, or a good idea about what they should be doing in the gym. They've heard that "cardio" is good for them so they go to the gym and try out a cardio machine.

But they just get on it and "go", mindlessly. Maybe they throw in some weights. Maybe not. They don't really know how to do weight correctly anyways. And so it goes on and on, week after week. Until they just give up and quit.

And you see the same thing on the street. You see the same people running the same slow route around the neighborhood, getting the same (read: zero) results from their "same old-same old" jogging routine.

I've always believed that beginners to fitness take up jogging because its easy. And I don't mean easy on the body, because we know it takes some effort.

I mean that jogging is easy on the mind. Runners don't have to think. They don't have to plan a program. They don't have to pick the best, efficient strength training exercises and then put them in the proper order in an effective routine. Instead, all they have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

But, and there is always a but, isn't there? That easy, no-thinking approach is not going to get them very far. After ten days, there probably won't be much change in their body.

And the same goes for those high-rep, low weight, machine circuit programs. No thinking required, no results guaranteed.

However, if they had exercised their brain and designed a strength and interval workout, they would have seen some startling changes in 14 days, or 10 days, or even 7 days. (Heck, I've had guys swear that they noticed changes in their bodies after only 2 days of strength and interval training).

Because you see, planning a workout takes effort. And going through an effective workout of efficient strength exercises and interval training takes even more effort.

But you get out what you put in. That saying goes for just about anything in life, especially for workouts.

So the choice is up to the exercisers in the gym I guess. If they stay in their comfort zone, it will be easier on their body and their mind in the short-term. But over the long-term, they'll probably drop out of the fitness scene as they find they never get the results they want.

Or they can put in the short-term effort, researching the best program for their goals. And with this approach, you get the long-term payoff of success.

Look into strength and interval training and see what the extra mental effort can do for you. Using the Turbulence Training plan of an efficient bodyweight warmup, effective structured strength training supersets, and maximum result interval cardio to complete the workout will get you more fat loss results in less workout time. Guaranteed.






5 Qualities For Affiliate Marketing

More and more people these days are turning to one
of the most popular businesses around - the business
of affiliate marketing. In this business, there are
no bosses, deadlines to meet, or piles of work that
have to be finished by the end of the day. In
order to succeed, you only need the necessary

There are basically five things you can't do without
if you want to make it in the business of affiliate
marketing. Below, you'll find each quality you'll

1. Desire to learn
The first quality you must possess is the desire
to learn, coupled with the willingness to be
trained. Treading through unfamiliar territory
is tough indeed, especially if your lacking the
right knowledge. This is a combination of the right
frame of mind, coupled with a strong work ethic.

When starting out, you'll need to be willing to
keep your eyes and ears open, using the experience
of others to learn more as you go.

2. Invest time and effort
The second quality you must have is the willingness
to invest time and effort in helping your business
grow, even if you don't see immediate results. Even
though weeks may pass without hearing good news,
it's very important for anyone who wants to get
their foot in the business world.

3. Determination
The third quality you'll need is determination. If
you want to make it in the world of affiliate
marketing, you must possess to push yourself
forward. The ability to push yourself to greater
heights will determine what type of future you have.

4. Discipline
The fourth quality is self discipline. If you
teach yourself to work everyday with all of your
heart and soul, you'll be that much closer to
reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.

5. Optimism
The last quality you must have is optimism. Bad
attitudes should never discourage an affiliate
marketer from pursuing their dreams in order to
make life better for themselves or anyone around

The attitude you have towards the business should
always be good, because you'll have to realize that
you're the captain of your ship and your the one
steering it towards destiny.

If you put the above tips to good use, you'll go
farther than you ever thought possible in the world
of affiliate marketing. You'll need these qualities
to succeed, as affiliate marketing can be a cutting
edge career. With the above qualities, you'll do
just fine in the industry.





Three Tips for Fast, Safe Hair Restoration

Finding a way to restore your hair that really works is not as easy as the television and magazine ads make it sound. Everyone claims to have the "miracle chemical" or new transplanting technique that will reforest your brow in record time, yet if you buy into these ongoing programs, you're apt to end up with just as bald a head as when you started, and an empty bank account, too.

Which brings me to the present moment, when I want to tell you about the Hair Loss Blueprint, a program that finally convinced me that there are some useful cures for baldness out there, after all. The Blueprint relies on inexpensive solutions you can make use of yourself, rather than costly, big-ticket purchases of medicines and medical treatments.

Here are just a few of the tips that the Blueprint gives you (in much more detail than I can provide here):

1. Natural ingredients are the best way to get your hair growing again, not damaging, dangerous chemicals. What is even better is that these ingredients can be bought at any grocery store for just a few dollars.

2. The techniques used by people living in pre-industrial conditions preserve the hair restoration knowledge that has been used for thousands of years, and which has been forgotten only recently amid a flood of expensive commercial products touted by pundits and salesmen. Turning to the methods used by the natives of remote areas of the world is the key to discovering low-cost, safe ways that really restore your hair.

3. Techniques you can use yourself – including applying the Blueprint's "secret" concoction and massaging your scalp to encourage growth – are much more effective than commercial formulas and give full control of your hair's return to YOU.

This just scratches the surface of the powerful, common sense ideas that the Hair Loss Blueprint is bursting with. As a guide that tells you how to reverse your hair loss yourself with a detailed, effective program, the Blueprint is the best and most honest of the many hair restoration plans I've seen, and is exactly what you need to regain control of your hair and your life!





Tips and Ways To Regrow Your Hair

Hair grows in cycles. Each hair follicle lives for approximately for 35 years. From one hair follicle 10 hairs grow in its 35 years life span. That means each hair live for 3.5 years. Once hair starts growing it keeps on growing for 3 yrs which is called as Anagen Phase. After that it enters Catgen phase which is intermediate phase also called as resting phase which lasts for 3 weeks. Then it enter falling phase called Telogen phase of 3 months, during this 3 months any time the hair can fall and new hair starts growing and cycle continues which is called Hair Life Cycle.

Tips to stop hair loss and increase hair growth:
The hair loss problem is common both in men and women. But there are many misconceptions like
1. The hair loss is a hereditary problem
2. The hair loss is due to use of a type of shampoo , conditioner etc.
3. If there is a hair loss then there will be a problem in hormones.
4. There is no way in stopping hair loss.
5. The hair loss is due to continuous hair cut
6. The hair loss is due to continuous combing.

There are many hair loss treatments available but not all the treatments are suitable for everyone. Some treatments would be only suitable for certain groups of individuals, hence do not give up so easily before reaching your goal.

A natural hair regrowth system is often the effective solution. To regrow your hair naturally you have to drink plenty of water , eat protein rich foods , eat more vegetables and fruits and use the oil extracted from the natural products such as Aloe Vera , curry leaves ,gooseberry. See the contents before buying any product.

In the women the hair loss problem may be due to pregnancy, menopause or hormonal issue. However, for men it may be due to genetic problem or disorders. The common factors are due to stress, usage of wrong conditioners and dryers and lack of maintenance.

The safe regrowth solutions are using natural products, massaging, stimulating the hair follicles and eat healthy food. To grow your hair faster you have to eat healthy food, vitamins and avoid using heat dryer, hair style methods that are not suitable.

So for a conclusion to grow your hair faster you have maintain your hair by nourishing it with natural oil, by regular combing and by keeping it very clean and by eating nutritious food.





Tips for Dealing with Pregnancy Back Pain

For nearly every woman out there, there is just no getting away from pregnancy back pain. At some point during your pregnancy, you are going to suffer from back pain, which will range from a mild ache to a constant pain. The good news is that there are several great ways to deal with pregnancy back pain healthily.


The most important thing you can do to combat pregnancy back pain is to make sure that you pay close attention to your posture. Stand up straight, do not lock your knees, and aim for a wide stance, which gives you the maximum support. When you sit, make sure that your back is properly supported, and use a pillow if you have to.

The Right Shoes

Sorry ladies, but there is overwhelming evidence that high heels and pregnancy back pain go hand in hand. For the duration of your pregnancy, make sure that you stick to sensible shoes, and you should find that you have much less pain.

Be Careful When Lifting

Lifting anything very heavy is an automatic no no when you are pregnant; however, if you must lift any object, make sure that you lift with your knees, rather than your back. That is not only important advice for pregnancy back pain, but for any type of back pain!

Sleep Comfortably

Even if you usually sleep on your back, if you want to avoid pregnancy back pain, you are going to have to resign yourself to sleeping on your side – preferably with a pillow between your knees. Lying on your back puts unnecessary pressure on your spine, and that is why your back aches!


Pregnancy massage, particularly when combined with heat or cold, is a very effective, all natural treatment for pregnancy back pain, and it is easy to do at home. Get your partner involved, and have him gently massage your lower back area, to soothe the tired muscles.

Exercise Gently

For many women, the idea of exercising while they are suffering from back pain is unthinkable, however, gentle exercise, like walking or stretching, can help to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, and lessen your back pain. Even a pregnancy yoga class can help to keep your muscles strong enough to support the added weight of your baby.

Aside from all of these methods of preventing and treating pregnancy back pain; there are also pregnancy safe painkillers you can take for very severe pain. Your doctor should be able to recommend a brand and dosage. There are also alternative therapies, like acupuncture, that can help to soothe a sore back. Whatever you choose though, remember that your back pain is a direct symptom of your pregnancy, and that in a few months, when your baby has been born, it will have disappeared, and you will feel as fit as a fiddle again.





Basic Affiliate Internet Marketing

All of us would love to make a little more money. Sometimes just a little to supplement an income can be a huge help. Today it is easier that you think to get a little extra cash in your bank accounts. Most of us today have our own personal websites. We can get them for free and use them as a method to keep others informed of what we are doing. You can actually turn your website into a way of making some extra cash for you. By placing some ads on your site, you have the potential to earn some cash.

When people go onto your site, if they see an ad that is interesting and click it on you receive what is known as a referral payment. The more clicks the better. Gradually your earnings will increase as your website gets viewed.

You're not likely going to get rich with just your own personal website. However, it is a way to get started. There may come a time when you create another site and you can start turning this into a money making venture as well. You could sign up for an affiliate program and make money through their ads. To do this well you need to think of an appropriate affiliate program that readers of your site would appreciate. For example, if you site is about pets, you may want to look for affiliates that work with pet supplies, pet food or veterinary services. You'll want to have affiliates that will enhance your site. Having ads for rare books or sporting goods on a pet's website isn't going to attract too much attention.

Once you have a site up and running, you need to get a list of affiliate companies that will give you their advertising banners. There are loads of companies on the net that will help you. You can also get performance statistics on them as well. You will be able to track how much you will earn and how you will be paid. Once you get a few banners onto your site you'll be able to check the progress for yourself.

Two companies that are incredibly popular are commission junction and link share. These will both help you find affiliates for your website. They have loads of good, accurate information available on what companies would be best and how well they perform.

Signing up for one of these affiliate programs is easy. You will be asked for personal information so don't be put off. This is necessary because they will be paying you commission money. You'll be expected to give your social security number as well as take information. Once you sign up you will need to think about which programs to choose.

Commission junction has all of the information available on which companies pay which rates of commission. They also have information on how well and timely they make their payments. If a company is a shaky reputation, commission junction will know about it.

If you're looking to make a little more money then it is easy. Why not take the first step and turn you personal website into a way to make cash. Fill up those blank spaces with advertisements and let the money roll in. you can always expand and create different websites. They more ads you can get the better. Affiliate programs are great ways to help you earn money. You can start off small with your own site and then expand into other areas. Eventually, you could build your own affiliate business. Look into affiliate marketing. It could be quite lucrative.






Change Bad Eating Habits Easily With Weight Loss Hypnosis

Bad eating habits are a big cause of weight gain. Being as bad eating habits are ingrained in the subconscious, they can be very difficult to reverse. It is possible however to rewire our subconscious minds so that the body can learn healthier eating habits.

We all build habits into our lives to make life easier. Some habits are good, and some are bad. Whether good or bad, all habits are learned behaviours that eventually become ingrained deep in the subconscious.

Here is an example – when you are learning to drive, you have to take a lot of care and be cautious about everything you do. Checking your mirrors, indicating and using your brakes all require conscious thought and attention at first. After you drive more and more though, you no longer need to think about these actions and they become a subconscious habit.

This works the same for eating habits. If you began eating on the sofa regularly when you were younger, your subconscious would have learned that this behaviour is normal. Thus, from then on you would have a strong urge to eat every time you sit on the sofa.

The first step to reversing bad eating habits is to become aware of how habits work, and to identify the bad habits that you possess. When your try to change a habit, you will get a lot of resistance from your subconscious.

Here is an example – imagine if you met a new work colleague and they stretched out their arm to shake your hand. Now imagine that in response you simply looked at them but didn't stretch your hand out in return. That would feel rather strange wouldn't it? This would probably be the first time in your life that you have responded in this way, and therefore something wouldn't feel right.

So, if you have been eating junk food on your sofa for years, and suddenly one night you are sat on your sofa without any food at hand, it would feel rather strange. Your subconscious would be used to you eating when sat watching TV, so would give you the urge to go grab yourself some food

If you are aware of your bad habits, you can use hypnosis to communicate directly with the subconscious mind to let it know that it's OK for you not to eat junk food whilst you watch TV.

Because your bad habits are subconscious behaviour, you need to tackle them on a subconscious level. During hypnosis, the body goes into a deeply relaxed trance state where the subconscious mind becomes very open to suggestions.

It this state, your subconscious can be retrained and encouraged to find healthier and less harmful ways of satisfying your habits. Using hypnosis takes the anxiety and stress out of changing habits as it takes away the resistance you would naturally get from the subconscious mind.

Here is a short summary of what you need to know about changing bad habits:

  • Bad habits are learned behaviours; the more you act them out, the more you reinforce them.
  • The first step to reversing bad habits is to become aware of them- make them conscious rather than unconscious. You could perhaps list them on paper.
  • Your subconscious will resist your attempts to reverse bad habits.

Hypnosis can help eliminate this resistance.





Tips for Reducing Stretch Marks via Massage

The fact is, most women who are pregnant, will get stretch marks to some degree. It is a natural part of the process of your skin expanding rapidly, and contracting just as rapidly.

However, you do not have to do nothing about them. There is growing evidence that reducing stretch marks via massage is a great therapy, and while massage cannot prevent them entirely, it can certainly lessen their severity. Here is what you should know:

§ Reducing stretch marks via massage is about not only the massage and stretching of your skin. It does also about stimulating blood flow to your skin, and that can be achieved very easily, by using a loofah or sponge to brush your skin gently when you bath or shower.
§ If you start the process of reducing stretch marks via massage early in your pregnancy, you can actually help the skin to stretch slowly and gently, and reduce the likelihood of deep, heavy marks.
§ Using a moisturising lotion or oil, such as cocoa butter, tissue oil or vitamin E oil can all help in your efforts of reducing stretch marks via massage, and it is even helpful after your baby is born. Experts say that these creams and lotions are most effective while the marks are red or purple though, so do not wait!
§ In addition to reducing stretch marks via massage, make changes to your diet that improves your skin. Eat more zinc rich foods, and include foods that are rich in vitamin A, E and C. Remember that too much vitamin A can be dangerous for pregnant women, so always speak to your doctor, or a nutritionist, before you start taking any supplements.
§ If you have made the effort, and have been actively trying to practice reducing stretch marks via massage during and after your pregnancy, then there are laser and other cosmetic treatments available that can further reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and give you skin that is almost as smooth as it was before your pregnancy.

Remember that you should always speak to your doctor about changes to your diet during pregnancy, and that you will need to learn pregnancy massage techniques to practice this sort of massage safely. Also, remember that even if you practice massage religiously, make dietary changes, and opt for cosmetic procedures, there is still a chance that your skin will not look completely the same as it did before your pregnancy.

Try to focus on what your stretch marks are a symbol of – the miraculous little person that you carried for nine months! That way, even if there are still traces of stretch marks on your skin later on, they will be a source of pride, rather than shame.





Changing Your Eating Desires Using Hypnosis

Here's an experience you're probably familiar with… You have a burning desire to lose weight and you've committed to a new diet, but chocolate bars and potato chips are now the foods you are craving the most, and the craving to eat these foods is stronger than it has ever been.

This is what makes it so hard to commit to a new diet. How can you maintain a healthy eating plan when the temptations to eat fatty foods are so strong?

This is where losing weight can be become such a struggle. With it being so difficult to fight off temptation, it becomes almost impossible to stick to a diet successfully. To add to this, the stress it puts you under makes the dieting idea seem like too much to handle. This makes you want to give up all together.

To conquer cravings successfully, it's good to understand why they exist, and how you can go about eliminating them.

When you start a new diet and eliminate fatty foods, your body will not be used to it. If you've been eating unhealthily for a long time, your body will have gotten used to your eating patterns and will expect them to stay the same.

But it goes deeper than just a bodily craving – these eating patterns are also expected from you at a subconscious level. Your subconscious will have learned that your unhealthy eating patterns are normal, and thus it will resist if you try to make changes.

This is where dieting becomes too much for some people. Something deep within them is giving them such a strong urge to eat all the wrong things.

So, one of the secrets to losing weight successfully is to change your desires. It doesn't matter how good of a diet plan or how much will-power you have, if you can fight off the desire to eat fatty foods, you won't have much chance of being successful.

Imagine if the thought of eating vegetables gave you the same feeling that you currently get from the thought of eating a chocolate bar. Wouldn't that make weight loss a whole lot easier?!

Well, this is the goal of hypnosis. The cravings to eat fatty foods usually have nothing to do with our conscious minds. Even though you know logically that eating fatty foods is a bad idea, you still have a very strong urge to do so.

This is because the craving starts on a subconscious level. By bypassing the conscious mind and communicating directly with the subconscious, hypnosis can help you break the desire to eat unhealthy foods.

By communicating with the subconscious, hypnosis can alter your inner desires. If like many people you have constant thoughts like "giving up fatty foods is hard", it's going to be very difficult to stick to a healthy diet plan. Hypnotic suggestions implant new ideas into your subconscious, such as "you are forgetting about your old eating habits" or "you have a strong urge to eat healthy foods".

After constant repetition, your subconscious will begin to believe these suggestions and this will be reflected in your eating habits and desires.

If you have an internal struggle on the inside and you are constantly filled with doubts, it makes losing weight 100 times harder. Hypnosis can be the key to transforming unhealthy desires into healthy desires and making weight loss a whole lot easier.


  • Your desires to eat fatty foods are based on deep unconscious habits
  • Attempting to change your habits will be met by resistance from the subconscious mind
  • Changing your desires is key to improving your chances of successful weight loss
  • Hypnosis communicates with your subconscious and transforms negative desires into positive desires





Toning, Light Weights, & High Reps

I guess you could say it is my mission to show people the
value of intense strength training for fat loss.

Every month more research comes out to support intense training over slow cardio, and light weights. And each week, in real-life, more and more men and women (yes, women too!) see the benefits of pushing themselves with strength training.

The evidence from research and real-life continues to pile up that you need to put down those light weights and cut out those high reps.

Take really light weights, add in isolation exercises, and repeat
for a large number of reps. Do this for 3, 6, or 12 months, and
you're guaranteed to have the same physique you have today. This approach just does not work.

You need to step out of your comfort zone with strength training.

Research has shown using a weight that enables only 8 reps per set results in a greater post-exercise metabolism than using a weight that allows 12 reps per set. And this was in women! So lifting challenging weights is not just for men, but also for the ladies.

Another research study showed that a 30-minute, hard total-body strength training session can boost metabolism about 36 hours. You just don't get that from slow cardio or light, "toning"
isolation exericses, I'm sorry to say.

But what if you are worried about "bulking up"? Just do one or two sets of 8 reps per exercise, rather than three or four.

Bodybuilders know that high-volume training builds muscle. But if you don't want massive amounts of muscle, just don't do a lot of volume. That's just one of the reasons I don't use bodybuilder
workout programs for fat loss.

Another way to avoid "bulking up" while still boosting your
metabolism is to use more bodyweight exercises.

As for exercise choice, say goodbye to biceps curls, hamstring
curls, and triceps kickbacks. Seriously, I couldn't think of a more
useless exercise for a fat loss program than triceps kickbacks.

Stick to full body movements. Use squats, lunges, split squats,
pushups, chinups, rows, etc.

Remember, you don't have a lot of time to workout. So you can't be doing bodybuilding splits from the 80's that call for three
exercises for the long head of the triceps, and two exercises for
each of the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoid.

That's just not possible in the real-world. A pushup trains almost all those muscles, and more. It works your abs, chest, triceps, and shoulders. That's the type of exercise that is going to help you get more fat loss results in less workout time.

I train in the concept of a short time frame. That is, anyone that
wants to use my programs has less than 3 hours per week to devote to structured exercise. So there just isn't much room for isolation training in that time frame.

But training should be fun too, and adding some curls as a reward for completing a hard workout is fine, but only if you want to. You don't need those types of exercises to get results.

But remember, isolation exercises are not actually going to
burn fat, but they can build muscle and help you sculpt your body. Here's the list of methods that lead to fat loss, in order of

i) Nutrition
ii) Burning calories with interval training
iii) Burning calories due to an increased metabolism from interval training and strength training (with multi-muscle movements)

As long as you understand that nutrition is the most important
factor in fat loss, and that strength training is essential for
sculpting your body, than you will have realistic expectations of
success - based on how well you commit to each process.








Content Professor is a breakthrough in article writing or rewriting, it allows you to produce more articles in less time, for example 50 or more articles could be written in as little as 30 seconds, you could potentially flood your website with high quality, original content, you could save a lot of money because you will no longer need to hire article writers. Also when article writing, most people will need to do a bit of research, after that they will need to write the articles and finally they will need to publish them


Problem 1 - writing and rewriting articles is very time consuming it may take up to an hour to write a quality article, perhaps even longer than an hour if the article is thousands of words long.

Problem 2 - While you are typing manually the competition will most likely be finished writing their articles and are publishing them, especially if the competition is a large company with lots of staffs to do the typing for them.

Problem 3 - Article writing can be risky if not done properly and if this is the case it could potentially cause more damage than good. "Why"? The answer is easy; if Google does not agree with your content it can devalue your "Search Engine Optimisation" (SEO).

When article spinning first took off as a good way to market your business, Google didn't like that their search engine was being exploited by marketers so they fought back... removing adverts from there search results, banning pages and so much more, so nowadays if you rewrite an article it must be done correctly, most marketers will now publish there articles through copyscape, this is a site that will report any duplicate articles that have been published already, If you were to go ahead and publish anyway the worse case scenario would be you could potentially be sued for copyright.

So how can we regain the ease of article spinning while still maintaining good quality articles?

The Content Professor System;

Content Professor is a new article spinning software, with Article Spinner you will have access to the entire system from within your browser, you will also have access to a database that has evolved from user input which will ensure quality content can be found and the best bit is you can use this software to "Auto Spin" your articles and create hundreds of "unique" articles in just seconds.

So how does this help you?

Firstly you will no longer need to spend hours writing articles for SEO, you simply need to copy and paste content and Article Spinner will instantly create unique articles that you can use on your blog, websites and any other social media profiles you have, this will enable you to increase your traffic ranking on Google and can be used on your website with ease for back links etc.

Using Content Professor you will never need to worry about how many articles you need, you will no longer need to spend hours at the computer typing by hand and you will save a load of money because you will no longer need to hire people to write content for you.

Content Professor is really easy to use, simply copy and paste the text from your document that you want spun into the main section of the application, then press "Spin" found at the top left of the screen and it will spin the article. If you want to search synonyms while using Content Professor you will find a drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen, the drop down menu gives you the choice of normal, better or ideal, once you select one, click "Target Synonyms" just below the drop down menu and Content Professor will search for all known synonyms and list the results in the article, (highlighted blue, green or red and you simply choose which words you want to keep.

There are many options available so changing things to suit your personal preferences is no problem. Once you are happy with your spun article click the "Generate Article" button and it appears on a screen just under the screen you are editing from here there are options to change the format of the document and select how many articles to spin.

Content Professor is an amazing piece of kit to aid marketers in there pursuit of SEO.





Are You Really Still Buying “Low Fat” Foods…?

Habits are so hard to break, aren't they?

Just listen to people as they order their food, whether it's at a restaurant or the grocery store or just their latté at Starbucks.

EVERYONE orders non-fat this and non-fat that… Like the smoked turkey at the cold cut counter. "Which one sir?" "Uhh, which one is lower in fat?"

Or the low-fat section of the restaurant menu. Or even your latté… make sure it's with low fat milk!

… and if you ask these people why, they all say the same thing: "Well…you don't want fat. Fat is bad for you."

But ask these same people where they heard this, or to at least cite one credible source or medical study or something… do you know what you'll get? Blank faces.

They'll look at you like you're the crazy one for even asking the question. After all… everyone knows fat is bad, right…?

Well, sorry but… wrong. Dead wrong.

Of course, it's really not difficult to understand how the whole "fat paranoia" came to be. First of all, we are hugely influenced by what we read and hear and see in the media. And let's face it… all the books were saying you need to go low fat.

Furthermore, it's not much of a stretch to reason that if you eat more fat, you will become more fat…

Unfortunately… that's just not how it works. It is the various combinations of protein, fat and carbohydrates you eat that work together.

Depending on which combination you eat (and how much of each), your body will either store fat, or burn fat. Not to mention helping with blood pressure and cholesterol, or making it worse!

The Hormone Revolution

I am writing this email sitting at my local mega book store and as I entered the store there was a big table set up boasting a bunch of the latest diet books. I picked up the first four and skimmed the contents, and you know what? "Low fat" is LONG GONE. And it's about time!

From the handsome star of that new health show, "The Doctors", to fitness guru and hottie Jillian Michaels, to old standbys like "The Zone", "Protein Power" and "Atkins" – these books (and so many more) all share the same theme... the theme that has finally, thankfully, replaced the low fat song.

What new theme you ask?

Hormones. You have the incredible power of being able to set your metabolism to whatever "state" you choose. Just with food.

The low fat diet (quite ironically) ends up setting your metabolism to a "fat storing" state, where a Primal diet will set your metabolism to a "fat burning" state. It really is your choice.

The amount of research available now, and testing that has been done, is staggering. (Including my own health recovery story!)

But all you really need to do is try it for yourself. See how you feel on a low fat diet; see if you lose weight at all; see how hungry you are all the time!

THEN compare it to a Primal diet. The proof is in the pudding. (Um… but stay away from pudding).






All too often, we can get caught up in living in a fantasy world, always imagining the things we'd like to do, the possessions we'd like to have, and the person we'd like to be.

But ultimately, while this "wishing" may make us feel good when we become immersed in it, what purpose does it really serve if we don't ever end up actually living the life we've dreamed of?

We can dream of improving our life, but wouldn't it be better if we actually made the necessary changes?

We can dream of bettering our success, but wouldn't it be better if we actually became more successful?

Most people fall into habit patterns that will keep them where there are and not permit them to improve their lives in the drastic measures that they wish would occur. Because of this, their fantasy getaway (escaping to the world of their dreams in their imagination) is the only way they'll ever slightly be a part of such a world.

To help you begin living the dream life you've always imagined, here are three steps I recommend you follow:

1) Focus On Your Desires Coming True

The more you focus on what you want actually manifesting, the more you set up a new, positive, constant vibration in your body. In our universe, "like attracts like" so if your body's energy is resonating in harmony with what you do want, then you're helping naturally attract it into your life.

Many people are always focusing on what they don't want. Even if they say something like, "I don't want more debt," it doesn't matter – they're thinking and focusing on debt, and so they'll simply attract more debt into their lives.

With feeling, visualize your desires coming true and also read and recite affirmations that will help promote this, as well.

Create a sense of gratitude in your mind and body for your desires already having come true (even if they haven't yet), because doing this is going to help put you in the right space to succeed.

2) Create and Welcome Change

Many people fear change; they've developed a false sense of security in the lives they're currently living. They think they'll stay safe by continuing to live the life they always have, but the truth is that if they want to improve their results, they must abandon their old ways of living and welcome change into their life.

Change is what fuels the world: innovating something to make it better; creating new ideas to improve an old model; always striving to be better and not settle for "repeat performances."

There's something inside of you which is continually trying to express itself in a greater and better way. It is your job to stoke the fire within you so that you can make quantum leaps forward into times of great success.

You must consciously go about creating the changes you want to see in your life. Sit down, make the decision to succeed, list out the steps you know you can take immediately to help you move forward, and then start implementing those necessary actions into your life. Finally, when the change happens, welcome it and embrace it!

3) Support and Educate Yourself

Like an athlete, you're going to need support and guidance if you want to be a success.

So treat the world like a resource to learn from and profit from. What made all of the greats of the past so valuable and so successful was the simple fact that they never stopped learning. They had a hunger for knowledge, and this is what you must develop.

Along the journey, you may encounter setbacks, and that's okay! The things that you must focus on doing include pushing past the failures, finding inspiration and support to keep going, and then continuing to persist in the right direction; while you make significant changes to your life, it's important to have support systems in place in case you ever fall down.

So seek the knowledge that will help your results skyrocket. Also, find others who will help support you in your endeavors and who can help point you in the right direction for success.





Postpartum Depression Miracle Cure – A real cure without side effects

Are you feeling depressed for no reason a few days after your baby was born? Are you feeling dull and disinterest in the baby? Are you suffering mood swings and feeling unable to cope with the daily routine household decision? You could be suffering from postpartum depression if you said 'Yes' to all these symptoms.

Postpartum depression occurs among new mothers just a few days in new mothers and can last for several weeks. It is quite problematic because you cannot explain how your joy at giving birth has changed into depression. You would get worse by the day if you do not discuss the problem with your family or spouse. Initially, other women would tell you that having 'baby blues' – as postpartum depression is also known – is normal and would pass off in a few days. It is a cause of worry if it last for several days and weeks.

Your doctor is likely to prescribe only anti-depressants and muscle-relaxants. Your doctor would also suggest therapy sessions with a psychiatrist. But you can save all that time and effort by trying the Postpartum Depression Miracle Cure. In fact, you should try it before you resort to any other drugs. A breastfeeding mother would put herself and her baby to risk of side-effects with drugs. Postpartum Depression Miracle Cure is free of side-effects and has, so far, reported a 100 per cent success with hundreds of women.

You could use Postpartum Depression Miracle Cure for a risk-free trial period. The best way to use it is to combine it with a proper diet and exercise routine. Your doctor would be able to help you with that. You owe it to yourself as a mother and as a woman to live a confident and beautiful life. Postpartum Depression Miracle Cure would give you that opportunity.





Tips For A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Now that you have decided to take the plunge and set up a business for yourself, you need to insure that you do all of the right things. Affiliate marketing businesses do take the risk away but you still need to conduct this venture as you would any other business. If it is your sole source of income you'll want to give it your all and make it as successful as possible. In this article, we will look at ways to get your business going and make it successful. By following the advice in this article your affiliate marketing business will get off to a great start and stay that way.

The first golden rule of any business is to identify the demand. With affiliate marketing programs you'll likely be giving a range of products to sell. Check out the demand of these types of things. You should try to stay away from trendy items. They'll sell like mad one minute but you'll be giving them away the next. You want thing that you know people want and need. That way your long term sales objectives will get met.

Next is don't limit yourself to just one product. Try to offer a variety of things. Many affiliate marketing programs offer a selection and it is best to go with these. Basing your business on one product may work in the short term. However, someone will eventually come along with something better or cheaper.

Third, you need to set your business apart from others. You need to establish what makes you and what you offer better from others. What do you offer that sets you apart from other businesses? You should always use tact when talking about your competition. Putting them down or being rude will only backfire on you. Talk up the advantages that you offer and leave it at that.

Forth, you should definitely insure your home business. Everything can be fine one day but life can always take a funny turn. Accidents can happen to anyone. Ask yourself what will happen if one of your products hurts someone. Today, people can be sued for just about anything. Make sure you are insured incase the worst happens.

Fifth, you should always do your best to ensure fast and efficient service to your clients. However, there will come a time when there is a glitch. You need to keep your customers informed and aware of what is happening. Things happen that are beyond your control. Most customers are very forgiving if they are made aware of this. Keeping your customers in the dark could result in loosing them for good.

Finally, keep your customers happy. The happier they are the more likely they are to come back. Offer your customers incentives such as savings on their next purchase. It may cost you more but only in the short term. Keeping your customers happy will result is them referring you to others.

Affiliate marketing businesses are easier in the fact that they minimize risk. Everything else is like any other business. You need to work very hard to keep your customers happy. You need to set yourself apart from others and protect yourself against the worst. By following the advice in this article you will be giving your business the best possible chance for success.





 Online Article Spinner for Free: A Review of Content Professor

Body: Being an amateur on the website content business, I have always aimed for high quality original articles, making sure that information will be solidly presented in an orderly, detailed manner using words that will cater to the specific searches of internet users. In turn, I have also been in a vast search for software made to tailor my needs. I am pretty certain you too, have the same qualifications as I do. I want, first and foremost, a free article spinner software, or if not, something that will give me best value for my money. It should aid me in establishing original content with ease; it should make me able to reproduce my articles in bulk while still maintaining my unique content. Most of all, the outputs should be as humanly understandable and coherent as possible. Simple requirements these may seem, but most web based article spinner software I have tried come with a certain fee, and even if they are affordable, they do not give the output I have always wanted to achieve.
Was my search futile? No. After a tedious search, I finally came across a free web based article spinner software available online, that was able to meet my expectations. You heard it right, an online article spinner software application… for free! For those of you experiencing the same problems as I have, Content Professor might be your ultimate solution.
I have tried it out and was satisfied with the results. The user-friendly interface speaks of how efficient your future transactions will be. Basically, its simple, Windows-based form is composed of drop-down menus and tabs that you can access through clicks or a couple of keyboard shortcuts. Your work will start when you open your article on the main tab, highlight phrases or words, and a drop down menu is generated with the common terms with which you can replace those highlighted words with. I was happy with how vast the program's thesaurus is, which they claim, is taken from the wide array of people-created articles from the Web. The ease of doing word replacements is great, as it allows you to perform nesting, or grouping of synonymous words with curly brackets and color-coding to be replaced on future article spinning purposes.
You can also add frequently-used terms on your favorite list, which is made available with few more clicks. The uniqueness percentage and word count on the upper right part of the interface is highly useful, so you won't be distracted with your work. The quality of the duplicated articles with original content is far more understandable than the outputs of the other free article spinner software I have tried. Still, be reminded that spun articles are still highly dependent of how coherent your source article is. What impressed me most is the program's feature of bulk saving the duplicated articles in a zip file and making one spun article ready for further processing. It cuts off the hassle of zipping things up, which saves time. Lastly, I should reiterate this. It is an online application, implying that there's no need for purchases, compatibility or installation. It is free of charge!

Be included in its roster of satisfied customers! Say goodbye to brain drains and time wasted for restating articles. Make more profit with lesser stress! Try Content Professor now, and be wowed with how efficient your future article productions will be.





Cholesterol is NOT bad. More myth busting…

There is SO much misunderstanding and misinformation about cholesterol. Things like: * What cholesterol even is! * How you get high cholesterol * How high is "high" * "Good" cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol * Many doctor's cholesterol tests are wrong! I can't cover everything in one article but let me give you some of the more surprising facts.

First, know that cholesterol is a hormone produced mostly by your liver. And like all hormones, it has many important jobs to do in maintaining your health. It is a critical structural molecule in the membranes of every one of your cells, and it is an important ingredient of brain tissue – just to name two.

Cholesterol is not an evil beast like so many people think it is – you cannot live without cholesterol! However, just like I'm always saying about insulin, you need the correct amount in your system. It's true that you don't want too much, but you sure don't want too little either! There are two ways to get cholesterol into your blood – by eating foods that have cholesterol (known as "dietary cholesterol") and through the liver production I just mentioned.

Regarding these two ways, your body has a balance system – if you don't get enough dietary cholesterol, your liver will produce more to make up the deficiency. (Proof enough that cholesterol is a needed thing… you just don't want tons too much).

So here's a hugely popular myth we can go ahead and BUST today: "You get high cholesterol by eating too many cholesterol foods. " The fact is there isn't a single test or paper or shred of proof in the medical community that offers any proof of this.

It's just a theory… a theory that has growing evidence against it. One of my favorite doctors on the subject, Dr. Michael Eades (more from Dr. Eades in a second), has looked for years and he cannot find any correlation between eating dietary cholesterol and getting high cholesterol (and locating this type of research is what he does – if it existed, he'd know). In addition, most people only get about 15% of their total cholesterol from food (the rest is produced by your own body).

So you would have to eat an impossible amount of these cholesterol foods in order to "eat yourself to high cholesterol". So what causes high cholesterol then? Pretty much the same thing that produces all the high blood pressure of recent generations, as well as the obesity epidemic. A high carb diet!

Eating a diet that is too high in carbohydrates, and not high enough in protein (the typical diet of today), causes your own liver to produce too much cholesterol! THAT'S how you get high cholesterol.

As for the cholesterol testing we all go to the doctor for… this floored me. When doctors do a cholesterol test, the final report covers four criteria:

1. Your "good" cholesterol, called HDL (high-density lipoprotein)

2. Your "bad" cholesterol, called LDL (low-density lipoprotein)

3. Another "bad one": VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein)

4. Your total cholesterol level.

But here's the kicker! Testing for your total cholesterol level, and for your HDL level, is pretty straightforward. But performing an actual, physical test for the other two – the LDL and VLDL (the bad ones) is more difficult, and quite costly. And so – unbeknownst to you – these numbers are almost always estimated.

An equation called the "Friedewald Equation" is used to estimate your LDL levels (developed by William Friedewald and others in 1972). This has become the standard, no-questions-asked process. Now, in fairness, the equation has shown to be very accurate most of the time.

But in recent years, more and more situations have been found where this equation produces a much higher number than if you actually tested – the estimate is wrong.

An example of such a situation is people who keep their carbs nice and low; such folks tend to have triglyceride levels lower than 100 mg/dl, which skews the Friedewald equation. Which means those of us who actually eat a correct, healthy, Primal diet would be told that our cholesterol is too high – because of a faulty equation. And then your prescription-happy physician will whip out his pad and prescribe a statin.

The moral of this story?

Keep learning. Become the Captain of your own health. Doctors are one important source to be sure, but only one.

To prevent your liver from over-producing cholesterol, eat a diet made up of about 65% protein and fat, and 35% carbohydrates – just like The Primal You™ Diet Course lays out.

If you are being told that your cholesterol is high, and a statin (or treatment) is recommended, insist on a direct test of your LDL cholesterol level, not the estimated version derived from the Friedewald equation. (Feel free to show your physician this article!)





Top 10 Foods For Smooth Glowing Skin

People who want great looking skin often look for the best creams and lotions they can find to give their skin a vibrant glow. What many don't realise is that they can give their skin this vibrant glow naturally by eating all the right foods.

A healthy eating plan rich in vegetables and healthy foods provides countless benefits to your health and skin. Adopting a healthy diet containing the top 10 foods for skin listed below has even been known to reverse diabetes and skin disease, and reduce the risk of cancer.

Healthy eating is the key to having beautiful young looking skin. Here are the top 10 foods for skin put together by Simon Lovell, media expert and author


1. Avocado

The avocado is known for its numerous properties that benefit the skin. It contains many healthy fats that plump up the skin and smooth away the dryness. Avocados have the highest content of vitamin E when compared with other fruits, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen the white blood cells.

2. Berries

Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are all good for the skin because of their high antioxidant content. These 3 berries have been found to have the highest antioxidant capacity of any foods. They produce collagen which keeps the skin smooth and plump.

3. Low Fat Yoghurt

Low fat yoghurt is rich in one of the most important components of skin health – Vitamin A. Experts have stated that the health of skin cells is largely dependant on how much Vitamin A is present in our diets.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable that contains an abundance of health benefits, and is good for the skin. Broccoli is high in Vitamin A and thus promotes good turnover of skin cells. Eating broccoli can help to renew skin cells quickly making your skin look fresher.

5. Whole-Grains

Whole-grains are rich in the mineral Selenium, which is why they promote healthy skin. Selenium has been shown to reduce skin damage after prolonged exposure to the sun. High levels of selenium in your system prevents your skin from oxidative damage that can increase cancer risks.

6. Spinach

Rich in vitamins B, C and E, spinach possesses strong anti-aging properties and helps to give the skin a healthy glow. Also, the iodine contained in spinach is said to combat skin disease.

7.  Omega-3 Fish

Omega-3 is one of the healthy fats that are highly sought after by the health-conscious. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for strengthening the skin cell membranes and preventing toxins from being absorbed.

8. Non-Starchy Vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables are high a fibre and bolster your age-defying bacteria. If you have blotchy or tired skin this can often be due to a lack of fibre. Lack of fibre can lead to disrupted digestion that stops nutrients from being absorbed properly. This starves your skin of the nutrients it needs to look younger and healthier.

The health benefits of a diet based mainly on non-starchy vegetables are endless. In fact, a UK study has shown that adopting a diet consisting of only liquid diet drinks and non-starchy vegetables has been shown to reverse diabetes and cure the condition in just 3 months. Because they are non-starchy, they do not affect blood glucose.

Common non-starchy vegetables include carrots, broccoli, sprouts, celery, asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, beets and watercress.

9. Green Tea

The health properties of green tea are vast. The list of skin benefits that green tea provides goes on and on. Green tea, whether consumed as a drink or applied to the skin, can decrease risk of damage from the sun and thus lessen the risk of skin cancer.

Green tea also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Being as it is rich in polyphenols, it prevents inflammation and is beneficial to overall skin health.

10. Lean Red Meat

Not getting enough iron can result in having unhealthy skin. Lean red meat is a good source of iron for anyone who needs it, but you should be careful not to eat any red meats that are too high in fat.

With a healthy diet that includes the top 10 foods for skin listed above, it's unlikely that you'll need to rely on creams and lotions to give your skin a healthy glow. Fill yourself with nutritious and healthy foods, and your skin will take care of itself. it great for the skin because it's packed full of the foods that your skin needs to look smooth and healthy. Within 7 days you will notice a difference.





The Top 3 Things to You Must Know About Muscle Building

Today I wanted to try and explain exactly what it takes to build muscle without going into too complicated of details.

I find that there are so many people and authors out there today that over complicate this topic to simply lure you into buying their latest program or their newest supplement.

Now of course, I have my own muscle building program and I would recommend some supplements to you as well but I am not saying that it is wrong. Today I simply want to give you good information that will hopefully clear up any confusion about what it takes to build muscle in its essence.

I am going to keep this nice and simple and base it on personal experience because in the end I believe your own personal experiences are the best way to measure any kind of results. You cannot simply rely on 'studies' or 'university tests' as most of these tests are either biased or they are based on genetically gifted individuals.

What do you need to do to build muscle?

Well let's think about this question for a moment.

First, understand that your body is more than content with staying EXACTLY the way it is right now. It would rather not change and it is programmed to be this way after thousands of years of evolution. This means that to make any change in our bodies composition, we are going to have to 'coax' it or persuade it in doing so.

So for today's purpose, building muscle, how do we persuade our bodies to do this?

Well we have to give it a 'reason' to grow!

There are many ways to do this but I am going to break it down into some manageable chunks.



Caloric Surplus:

One of the keys to gaining muscle and weight is to consume more calories. The reason we want to give our bodies more calories is because if we are going to demand more out of them than what they are accustomed to, then we need to feed them with more fuel.

Think of it as if you want to travel further in a car. If one tank of gas gets you so far but you want to go further, you need to have more gas right? It's the same for building muscle. Feed it more so you have more energy to push it into spurting new muscle.

Now without going into excruciating details (which is not the point of this particular article), you cannot simply overfeed on junk food. Make sure you are eating lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Progressive Overload:

Now that you are eating enough to give your body 'extra energy' you will need to stress the muscles so that they respond by getting bigger.

Your muscles are currently the size they are based on the level of activity you have done in the past, your genetics and your strength.

We cannot change your genetics, but we can however change your strength to a degree as well as elicit hypertrophy (muscle building) by weight training.

To put it simply, you need to start progressively overloading your body with some form of resistance training.

Honestly, do not get too concerned about finding that 'Special' program that will be better than all the other programs out there. There are just too many training programs to try and choose 'the best' one.

In my experience, they all work! Yes of course some may be better than others but in the end you will get results no matter which program you try as long as you follow the key rules to muscle building. Rely on the foundation and principles instead of the program. In doing so, you will get results no matter which program you are on.

What are the foundation and principles?

Progressive Overload, Adapt, Proper Form, Mindset, Rest and Recovery.

Pretty simple right?

The main thing is to continue stressing the muscles by either overloading with volume training, getting stronger by strength training and making sure to give your body enough time to rest and recover and therefore GROW!

This is not to say that you can just keep getting stronger to the point that you will be performing 1000lb bench presses, but by cycling your training through different stages, you will start to get closer to what your genetic potential for muscle mass really is.

Eventually the gains will get harder to come by, but if you are just starting out, this will not be an issue.

Accepting the Inevitable:

By applying the right factors for muscle building, you will start to gain lean mass and you will start to gain weight which is good because that is the goal we are after.

However, you need to also accept that when you are gaining muscle that it is almost impossible not to gain a bit of fat while doing so.

Now I know there are going to be lots of people claiming that it can be done but in my experience these are people who are genetically gifted and they are the exception to the rule.

Other people who tell you this may be people trying to sell you something.

Finally, you can gain eliminate fat gain by gaining muscle at a slower rate.

It is your choice, but for those of you who want to build some serious muscle as quickly and effectively as possible, then you will just have to accept a bit of fat gain.

What is a 'bit'?

Well for the most part, for every 4lbs of muscle or lean mass you build, you will probably accumulate about 1-2lbs of fat with this. Of course this is if you are doing everything right and eating relatively clean.

Now you might be saying 'I don't want to gain fat!'.

Just realize that the muscle you build during the course of your muscle building phase will be on your body permanently provided you continue training and eating right.

What you want to do is go on a muscle building phase for about 6 months or so or longer (it is up to you) then you want to go on a fat burning phase for a couple of months to burn off the accumulated fat and keep the muscle!

See how that works?

This is just the way it is and I have experienced this myself and it is not as bad as it sounds. Most people do this continually and they consistently add 5-10lbs of muscle each time they do this until they start to reach their maximum genetic potential.

The good thing about doing this is you also get better each time you go through these phases and you start to optimize your gains and improve on your muscle to fat gain ratios.

Just accept a bit of fat when gaining muscle and don't stress over it. It happens to all of us and you will certainly be more grateful for the muscle after it is all said and done.


Those are 3 simple areas of muscle building that should help you understand it a bit better.

I hope it is simplified enough and it doesn't make you over-think which is in my opinion the one thing people do too much of (including myself sometimes).

Keep it simple and always go back to the basics.

In knowing about these 3 things, it should put your mind at ease and let you focus on training, eating and enjoying the journey.

Here for you,





Top 10 Tips To Successful Teen Bodybuilding Part 2

As discussed in part one, teen bodybuilding can start at a very young age allowing young fitness enthusiasts a whole new world to pursue. Teen bodybuilding is an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle since it requires regular weight training, cardiovascular training, balanced nutrition and even stimulation of the mind since the topic of teen bodybuilding involves constant education. Teen bodybuilding can also help you erase nicknames like "Skinny Mini," "Scrawny," "Tooth Pick," "Twiggy," and in my own personal case, "Skinny Vinny!"

Unfortunately teen bodybuilding is not as easy as it looks and can result in injury, bad habits and frustration if stated with out structure and progression. Here are the next five tips to successful teen bodybuilding:

6. Learn Proper Technique First

How well do you think you would golf without supervision? How well do you think you will skate without coaching? How well do you think you will play piano without lessons? How much muscle do you think you will build without proper lifting technique? Not much!

I hope you are humble enough to swallow your pride and accept the fact that your first step should be getting professional coaching from a reputable fitness trainer. I know many of your friends will not even consider this and you will be told, 'just learn it yourself,' or 'watch others.' Can you imagine a medical surgeon or dentist who took this approach? Yikes!

Think about it. You are going to be lifting weights the rest of your life. Is spending a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, on a professional fitness trainer, not going to pay you back over and over (for the rest of your life) if you do things correctly right from the start? Definitely! If you start lifting weights incorrectly, get ready to spend the money you saved on a coach for a rehab therapists next vacation! If you don't get injured now, most likely it will be in the next few years.

7. Stretch Just As Much As You Lift

Stretching is the most under rated physical quality which is unfortunate because shortened muscles perform weaker and slower and have a higher incidence of injury. Stretching is the only physical quality which more is better. Stretching is one of the only habits that can not be over trained.

If you are serious about getting into the world of teen bodybuilding, I encourage you to start this habit early. Most text books teach stretching methods that include 20-30 seconds per stretch. Don't even waste your time if this is your idea of stretching. From real world, in the trenches, experience, I would suggest stretching at least the same amount of time that you lift. That means, for every 1 hour of weight training you perform, you must balance the effect of weight training with one hour of stretching. Therefore, if you weight train 4 hours in the week, you better be stretching for at least 4 hours in the week. If you are really lazy, start stretching for at least half the amount of time that you lift. After you see the benefits of increased strength, quicker recovery and less injuries I am sure you will have no problem bumping up your stretching sessions to the recommend 1:1 ratio.

Fail to stretch at least the same amount that you lift is almost a sure fire way of shortening a teen bodybuilding career or lifestyle. Remember, weight training shortens and tightens the connective tissue you train. Stretching counters the effect and ensures your muscles have room to grow!

8. Focus On Bodyweight Strength First

It amazes me at how many teen bodybuilders can barely do a set of 40 push ups, 20 chin ups and 30 dips. In my opinion, these are some standard upper body fitness tests that should be accomplished with ease before loading is introduced (it might take your 3 or 4 months to achieve this if you can't do them right now). I once heard a famous fitness coach say, "You have no freaking business using a load if you can't stabilize, control, and move efficiently using your own bodyweight." I would have to fully agree.

What's the point of a sloppy 150 pound lat pulldown if you can't do 10 bodyweight pull ups? What's the point of a 185 pound bench press with microscopic range reps, if you can push up your body a couple dozen times? What's the point of a 500 pound leg press if you can do a set of one legged squats down to the floor? Believe me, after a few months of conditioning your body to body weight training, you will be blown away by how quickly your weights climb when you introduce loading.

9. Keep Your Workouts Under 1 Hour

Unless you are in a teen bodybuilding competition for the longest workout possible, it bewilders my mind what you could possibly be doing for longer than a hour! Unless you go to the gym for mirror workouts (that's when you spend more time looking in the mirror than actually lifting)I suggest getting some help with your workout program. If it takes longer than 20-30 minutes of even moderate intensity lifting to fully exhaust a muscle, I have to question your workout intensity. Shorter more intense workouts will always trump longer less intense workouts.

Your goal should be in fact to complete your workout faster and faster. This will force your muscles to condition and adapt to a greater work load. The more work you expose your muscles too, in a shorter amount of time will improve your muscle density. Your bodies ability to tolerate greater workloads.

10. Develop Full Range Of Motion

Initially, teen bodybuilding should involve building strong muscular attachments, tendons, ligaments and bones – text books refer this as anatomical adaptation. Look at building your muscles as the finishing touches on a solid house. You would not want to start framing the house until the foundation has been built. Strengthening your tendons, ligaments and bones would be considered building a strong foundation to build from.

What is the best way to begin a strong foundation for a house to stand on? Build from the bottom up or in our case, from the inside out. This means developing a full range of motion with each weight training exercise to ensure all the muscle fiber gets activated and all the supporting tissues are fully involved.

Think about it. Partial movements will only develop partial muscle. Full movements will develop full muscle. What would get you better results? Squatting 135 pounds with your butt to the floor or squatting 225 pounds for about ¼ of the way? That's correct, involving the entire range of motion with a lighter weight will involve more musculature, improve your mind-muscle connection quicker and strengthen all the supporting tissues more rapidly. Initially, as a teen bodybuilder, you should never sacrifice range for load.





The Top 5 Fat Burners

Let's get right to it...here are 5 ways to make this a great
fat-burning day...

1) Do Something You Love

If you are a beginner and you hate the gym, just do something you love! Don't make your healthy lifestyle a prison sentence. Enjoy what you eat and do. Just don't eat garbage and don't look at exercise as punishment.

2) Strength Training

A very, very recent study (published in the May issue of the
Journal of Applied Physiology 102:1 767, 2007) showed that
resistance training boosts metabolism by 10% and increases fat
burning by 100%!

3) Interval Training

The latest research from Australia showed a more weight loss from interval training than from long, slow cardio. In fact, the long, slow cardio group didn't lose any weight. AND - this study was done in women...so yes, Turbulence Training works for women. Strength training and interval training are the 1-2 punch that blowtorch fat off your body.

4) Eat 6 Small Meals of Whole, Natural Foods

Fruits and vegetables, protein, nuts, and healthy fats. It's that
simple. Don't spend another dollar on "the latest diet". You
ALREADY KNOW what to do!

5) Avoid Booze, Sugar, Trans-Fats, & Inactivity

Yeah, I know, real "secrets" here, CB. "Thanks", you're thinking
sarcastically. Listen, sometimes we just need the motivation. Maybe there is a donut within reach, or you're thinking about watching the tube instead of exercising, or you've got a cookie in one hand and an apple in the other.

Let this be a simple reminder to make the right choice.

Everything you do takes you closer to OR away from fat loss,






Top 10 Tips To Successful Teen Bodybuilding Part 1

Teen bodybuilding is growing at an alarming rate, as enthusiastic teens hit the gym every night of the week. I don't blame them. Teen bodybuilding is one of the most effective ways to boost a skinny guys self-confidence and self-image. Did I also mention lots of attention and admiration from the ladies and respect from the guys. Teen bodybuilding does not just help out with vanity but promotes a nutritious diet, disciplined lifestyle, and strong work ethic.

So the question is, how is teen bodybuilding done right? Should teen bodybuilders read the latest bodybuilding magazines? Learn from their friends or a professional? Train every day or every other day? Rely on supplements? Start when they are done growing or earlier? Focus on endurance training heavy lifting? Teen bodybuilding has dozens of questions and many different opinions on each. Here is my top 10 tips to successful teen bodybuilding in no particular order:

1. Avoid Steroids

Duh! This might sound obvious and if you have not been offered steroids yet, make your stand now and be prepared to say 'no' when you get backed into a corner. Your body is flowing with more natural hormones than any steroid could replace. Don't screw up your natural hormonal levels at such a young age. Even though all your friends might laugh at you for not conforming to the pressure of using illegal drugs, be a real man and train drug free. In the end your friends will respect you more for staying away from the dark side.

2. Focus On Clean Eating

Old habits die hard. Believe it or not, the nutrition habits you are creating today will affect you all the way into your adult years. As a young teen bodybuilder, you have an opportunity to create good habits at an early age. Focus on eating clean carbohyrdates like whole wheat breads, oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, fruits and veggies. Focusing on eating a variety of clean proteins like tuna, chicken, fish, cottage cheese and protein shakes. Balance out your meals with clean fats like olive oil, fish oil, natural peanut butter and nuts. Take pride in the fact that you even know what clean eating is. Look at this as an opportunity to be an example to your friends to be walking statue of health! I promise you that you will have a few friends who admire your physique and ask you for advice!

3. Avoid One Body Part Workouts And Focus On A Full Body Workout

A full body workout? But all my friends are training chest tonight. And tomorrow they are training back. And on Wednesday they are training arms. But if you have the courage, you are not going to follow the herd and trust me. You are too young to be splitting up your muscles groups into only one body part a day. Unless you are pursuing a career in competitive bodybuilding, one-body part splits are an excellent way to over train at a young age. Look at it this way. Do you only eat once per week? Do you only take supplements once per week? Do you only sleep once per week? Do you only study once per week? Than why would you train your muscle groups only once per week? It does not make sense. Full body workouts will allow you to hit all your major muscle groups three times in the week, without overtraining, instead of only one time.

4. Emphasize Your Conditioning

Teen bodybuilding can actually become something that appear to be a lazy man's sport. Next time you walk into the weight room, count how many people are actually doing something. Seriously, I guarantee you will see more people standing around and talking, adjusting weights and staring in the mirror. Not many people are actually hustling from one exercise to another or even sweating. That's another reason to avoid one body-part bodybuilding style workouts. They don't emphasize your fitness or cardiovascular system. Your weight training program should be incorporating more than just weights. Balance out your sessions with some skipping, stair climbing, hard running, supersets, and really short rest periods. If you don't feel like you are going to throw up at the end of your weight training sessions, I have to question your workout intensity.

5. Stick to Basic Supplements

Your a teenager and should be saving your money for college and your first car. Don't get scammed by over hyped supplement ads that promise the world. Follow the saying, 'If it looks too good to be true, than most likely it is!" All you need to budget for now is a high quality multi-vitamin which you should take for life as well as a high quality protein powder in your arsenal and a regular omega-3 fish oil cap. Between these three supplements you are more than covered. Don't worry about creatine, glutamine, fat burners, testosterone boosters or even NO2 products. The first three to four years of your lifting should be done with just the basic supplements.





The 6 Steps to Fat Loss Success for Beginners

For beginners, getting into fitness can be intimidating and confusing. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, getting fit is one of the most straightforward tasks you'll attempt in the New Year. Fortunately, reaching your fitness goals requires only two things; discipline (that's up to you) and a set of simple guidelines (which I'm happy to provide).

First, you should arrange for a full physical examination from your physician. This is mandatory for people that have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or are obese. Once you have your doctor's approval to begin a fitness program, you should schedule a fitness assessment with a health professional at your gym.

While both of these are incredibly annoying, they are essential to your success and well-being. The benefits of a doctor's visit are obvious, particularly if you have one or more of the previously mentioned conditions but it also allows you and your doctor to discuss your lifestyle. Preventative medicine is far better than reactive medicine. Make your doctor part of your fat loss and health-building team along with the health professionals at your gym.

The real benefits of the fitness assessment aren't finding out how much body fat you have or how many minutes you can last on the treadmill, but rather getting a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. If you want to avoid injury and actually achieve your goals this year, get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

The next secret is to walk, don't run, to fitness success. If you want to pick up your University running workouts where you left them 10 years ago, that's fine. But I guarantee you won't last 10 days. And then it'll be a dreary 355 days until you're ready to try exercise again.

The hidden benefit of a good fitness assessment is that it will actually serve as a nice introductory workout to your return to fitness. It will buffer your delusions of fitness grandeur from the reality of what your body actually can do. After the fitness assessment teaches your body a lesson and awakens your muscles from their winter slumber, only then will you realize your limits that you must respect in subsequent workouts.

Goal-setting is the fourth secret to success (and not just in fitness, but in any area of life). It is much more effective to commit to a set of specific short-term and long-term goals than it is to routinely hope for weight loss each year.

Set realistic goals and remember to train within your limits. If you are currently sedentary and haven't exercised in months (or years), don't begin an advanced training program. Start with a conservative beginner program. Your belly wasn't built in a day, and neither will be lost overnight.

Limit your initial workouts to 1 set per muscle group. In week 2, you should be ready to add another set. And if you want to build up to 3 sets, then do so in week 3. Slowly increase the weight and stay within your desired repetition range. At no time should you be too sore to function. And runners should also heed this advice. Too much running will guarantee shin splints in the early going. Avoid running on back to back days for the first two weeks and keep the distance short. Sore muscles are guaranteed when you lift. So keep the volume low.

And now for 2 super secrets that will help keep you committed and consistent with your workouts and will finally help you lose fat for good.

First, build your social support team. Social support is the #1 factor for success for women in fitness programs, and is important for men as well. Support can come from your spouse, brother or sister, child, mom or dad, friend, neighbor, co-worker, personal trainer, or lifestyle coach. Don't try to go it alone. People respond better when they report to a person instead of a machine.

You also need to know that nutrition is the second most important factor for success in fat loss programs. That's why you don't need to train like a world-class athlete when you are starting to lose fat. Most of the fat you'll lose in the early going is because you have chosen to make better nutritional choices. And if you don't make better nutritional choices, even the best exercise program in the world isn't going to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

Nutrition is a lot simpler than you think. Don't over think things. See a nutritionist or listen to what your mother told you as a kid. Food choices should contain a large nutrient-to-calorie ratio. Dr. Phil (yes that Dr. Phil) calls this "High-Response Cost, High-Yield Nutrition". And follow this rule: Don't eat foods with added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, but make sure to log your nutritional intake. This is a free website that allows you to track your calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

The consistent use of these 6 secrets will help you achieve your fat loss goals this year. Make this year's fitness plan a strategic investment in your future health. The most efficient and effective way to lose fat in 2005 is with my Turbulence Training workouts - the choice of fitness professionals.





Top 49 Things I Learned In 2006

Think putting yourself on a muscle building diet has to be a painful process?  Whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building, getting proper nutrition is at least 80% of the game. If you don't have that figured out, you are going to be a long time away from seeing results.

The good news is that your tastebuds don't have to suffer if you don't want them to. There are plenty of ways to get in your proper nutrition while keeping things interesting. If you think gaining muscle means suffering through can of tuna after can of tuna or pounding back a protein shake as fast as humanly possible, you need to think again.

1. Pull ups are better than pull downs. Duh.

2. You don't need a training partner to get huge (but it helps). You should be able to pack on your first 20 plus pounds of muscle alone.

3. Bicep curls do not produce bigger biceps. Focusing on increasing your body's overall size is what makes your biceps bigger.

4. John Berardi's G-Flux theory. Also know as energy flux (or energy turnover) is the relationship between energy intake and expenditure. Basically, it's better to train more and eat more than train less and eat less.

5. Alwyn Cosgrove's said this, "A good program performed poorly is worthless. A shitty program done with a ton of effort is worth a lot. But when you get a good program and a tone of effort, the results can be amazing."

6. The Sopranos and 24 are the best damn shows on television. I will proudly admit that I have overdosed on Tony Soprano and Jack Bauer for over 12 hours at a time, on multiple occasions. And I don't regret a single episode!

7. Learn by 'doing' - not by talking about it. I am sick and tired of people who post on forums and ask, "What do you think of this diet or workout etc.?" How the heck do I know? Go try it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

8. The two man bench press is becoming more popular each year. You know what I'm talking about. Where one guy lowers the bar and the other deadlifts it up yelling, "It's all you, man!"

9. I hate people with no gym etiquette. The guy who does bicep curls in the squat rack. The guy who does a side lateral raise 1 inch away from the dumbell rack, blocking the entire rack of weights. The guy who loads the leg press with 1000 pounds and leaves the plates on. The guy who drips sweat all over the bench without wiping it down. I could go on and on...

10. I really can't stand skinny guys who wear tank tops. Seriously, if your arms aren't bigger than 15 inches, I don't want to see your puny arms. Keep them hidden until you earn the right to show them off.

11. People will pay more money to make exercise easier and easier. Just take a look at late night infomercials and the popularity of group exercise and dance classes...

12. Since I am Canadian-Italian, watching George St-Pierre kick Matt Hughes' butt was the best UFC fight all year and watching Italy win the World Cup was the happiest day of my life!

13. The Smith Machine is useless. Aside from not allowing your body from working through a natural range of motion, it is a perfect disguise for being stronger than you really are.

14. Only results matter. It doesn't matter what you, another person, text book, or research article claims or thinks should happen as far as the training outcome - all that matters is what actually happens, the final outcome.

15. It's possible to train for an entire year and look the exact same! The majority of these people will look the exact same next year too.

16. Stand for something or fall for everything. My father taught me to apply this to my physical, intellectual and spiritual journeys.

17. Only take training advice from those who have trained themselves at a high level or make their living training others at a high level.

18. A complete program involves enforcing movement patterns, cardiovascular work, strength work, flexibility work, injury prevention training, core training and recovery enhancement. Most programs, cover 1 or 2 at best.

19. I heard someone say, "Full body workouts are best for 90% of the population, 80-90% of the time. And body part routines are best for 10% of the population, 10-20% of the time." I would have to agree.

20. Speak less and listen more. If you are a true student, you will want to hear the teacher's voice more than your own. You are not learning while you are talking.

21. Over 70% of the supplements on the market have less than 30% absorption rate. This means you are only absorbing about 30% of what is in the bottle. Supplements are about making money. They put just enough in the product for you to feel a slight difference so you buy them again.

22. Hiring a personal trainer is one of the best investments you can make. Yes, I know, not all trainers are created equal. I'm talking about the kick ass ones who have a binder full of before and after pictures and guarantee results.

23. Money is a jealous and deadly god. Money can create freedom but it will not set you truly free.

24. Stretch as least half as much as you lift. If you are lifting weights for at least 4 hours a week than you better be stretching at least 2 hours a week. If not, your body is screaming for an injury.

25. Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.) therapy has been proven, to me personally, the most effective form of therapy available. Find a reputable A.R.T. therapist if you are on the injured list.

26. Competing in my first fitness model show was the only decision that truly motivated me to get the best body of my life.

27. I love short emails written in short, concise sentences. Learn how to be time-efficient with your communication.

28. Dead lifts are the best overall exercise of all time. No other exercise produces the same potential of results as dead lifts.

29. Body weight exercises should be mastered before external load is introduced. It amazes me at how many guys attempt a sloppy 200 pound lat pull down but can't pull up their weight once.

30. Impression without expression leads to depression. This means that people get impressed with certain ideas but don't do anything about it so they end up getting depressed.

31. No guts, no glory. If you're not bleeding, sweating and crying at the end of your workouts than I must question your workout intensity.

32. Buy a foam roller and use it daily. Stop fixating on the strength, size and flexibility of a tissue until you increase the quality of the tissue.

33. Write everything down. This will help clarify your goals and use the past to replicate the future.

34. Find a mentor. They will accelerate your learning and take you closer to your goal.

35. Skinny guys will never become bigger until they start spending more money on groceries, spend more time in the kitchen and spend more time cleaning in the kitchen.

36. Stop training with your girlfriend. I attempted this for a few weeks, and as much as I love my girlfriend, this is an impossible recipe to make any gains!

37. Machines are not always better. They are merely alternatives and used for commercial profit to the manufacturer and sales companies which have influenced the masses to believe that the latest, superior machine is worthy of our attention. I don't agree.

38. I never got dumber reading a book (with the possible exception of the Britney Spears' book Heart to Heart). It drives me crazy when someone asks, 'Is this book worth it?' Even if you learned one new thing, would it not be worth it? How can you put a price on knowledge?

39. The majority of people still think cardiovascular is the best way to lose fat. Thanks to programs from Craig Ballantyne, Tom Venuto, and Alwyn Cosgrove, we are now discovering the value of high intensity circuit training for maximizing the 24-hour metabolism.

40. If you are doing three quad dominant exercises such as a leg press, lunge and leg extension, than you better be doing three hip dominant exercises to counteract an imbalance in the pelvis, such as stiff leg dead lifts, good mornings and leg curls.

41. If you are doing three horizontal pushing exercises for your chest like bench press, incline bench press, and decline bench press, you better be doing three horizontal pulling exercises to counteract an imbalance in the shoulders such as seated row, bent over row and overhand row.

42. Unilateral exercises are underestimated compared to bilateral exercises. Don't believe me? Try a one leg squat down to your butt instead of a double leg squat and let me know how it goes...

43. You are the average of the top five people you hang around most. Hang around with pimps and players and most likely you will become a pimp and player. Hang out with millionaires and most likely you will become a millionaire. Hang out with guys bigger and more ripped than you, and you will eventually become the same.

44. In training for pure muscle size, there are two sides to the debate. Higher volume training with sub-maximal load and higher repetitions. And lower volume training with maximal load and lower repetitions. Both will work.

45. Almost every training program will work if the stimulus is sufficient and a quality caloric support is in a surplus.

46. I am still waiting to see the massive amounts of muscle people fear to lose when dieting.

47. You don't know what you don't know.

48. If a supplement has not been around for at least three years to beat the test of time, I give it zero attention and dedicate my time to my training program and nutrition planning.

49. You will get the exact same thing this year if you keep doing the same thing you did last year.