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Saturday, May 19, 2012

CS4 and Adobe Bridge CS4

CS4 Suite New Features:

1. Flash SWF support across all applications
2. You can play SWF files in any app
3. A tool is being developed for creating flash content without any coding experience

Adobe Bridge CS4:

1. New User-Interface
2. Sidebar and search tool location similar to Mac OS Leopard
3. Navigation in folders similar to Windows Vista Explorer
4. Labels and star ratings are easier to access.
5. Filtered searches are now much faster even across thousands of images
6. List View in Bridge
7. Auto Photo Downloader to download photos from your camera is now easier and better than Bridge CS3
8. Improved slideshows using your spacebar
9. From Slideshow, press "r" and Adobe Camera Raw opens automatically.
10. Review Mode: (full screen review of photos)
a. Just like a full screen version of Apple coverflow
b. Loopt tool built in
c. The ability to open all, review, and drop photos out of view that you don't want and others stay full screen
d. When leaving review mode the photos you kept are now selected in bridge. Ones you dropped are still there but not selected.
e. You now have the ability to create photo-collections from within review mode
11. Collections are just like Playlists in iTunes. You have the ability to group photos. The location where photos are stored is not changed.
12. More sharing options
a. Upload directly to FTP within Bridge
b. Web gallery templates are easy and use the same templates available in Lightroom 2
c. Ability to create flash galleries with a few clicks and upload instantly
d. Uses the Opera engine to render galleries within Bridge
e. Photoshop Web Gallery is going away and being replaced by Bridge Web Gallery
13. Bridge CS4 Menus (in order left to right)
File – Edit – View – Sttacks – Label – Tools – Window – Help

Adobe CS4 Applications are exactly the same as CS3 but the text in the icons is black instead of white.

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