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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Easy Flying with a Flight Simulator Download

Easy Flying with a Flight Simulator Download Flight Simulator GameThe much-improved flight simulator download, Flight Simulator X of Microsoft has come in for high praise from developers and game players.

As a product it is a follow-up to Flight Simulator 2004 with more graphical detail, presentation, playability and is much closer to the real thing.

This is a big flight simulator download – 636.

2 MB to be precise.

It takes slightly longer time for installation and is specifically designed to work with Vista.

Once you verify whether the simulator works in your computer in the allotted free trial time, you can unlock the program by online purchase and receive instant activation e-mail with necessary instructions.

You will also be eligible for free updates that are posted on their website, once you are registered.

Prior to flight simulator download and installation you have to keep a note of the following: * While uninstalling the old version, keep the program activated.

* All third party models and landscapes should be kept in separate folders.

After completion of the new installation, copy the folder content to models and landscapes folders accordingly.

* Install ClearView under c:\ClearView RC and not in c:\ProgramFiles on Vista.

* Set up and calibrate the controller before attempting to fly.

Once flight simulator download and installation is complete you are ready to play and experience the real thing in the flight simulator.

The three choices available are dropping flour on targets, introductory test flights or Caribbean landing.

The first gives you a feel of simple target practice and the second and third involves you to get the grips of the basic controls and master landings, respectively.

This flight simulator download allows you to take control of various planes, from the ultra-lights to Cessna's, commercial airliners and also helicopters.

In the full version the realism is impressive with fuel trucks, luggage belts and walkways.

So, download the flight simulator and test your flying skills as an aviator and indulge in an innovative gaming experience.

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