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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Many of these Guides Do We Really Need?

There is another guide out for those social networking games. I just saw it on the forums for Café World last week and while at first I scoffed with everyone else (it's a favorite pastime on the Zynga forums to scoff at the guides), I quickly found that the guide was actually a lot more useful than we were giving it credit for.

When I Checked it Out

I wasn't going to check the guide out. But, then I started to ask around and heard a few good things about how it had been helping players start to build their cafes up from nothing into relatively high efficiency restaurants – something that I had repeatedly failed to do with my own café.

After a day or two of waffling, I gave in and checked the guide out and boy am I ever glad I did. To be frank, the guide really does everything it claims to do – something I've never seen a guide do before. From start to finish, the Café World guide (which is the first of its kind that I'm aware of) shows players how to dig down and learn how to be one of the best players in the game.

It shows you how to pick your foods, how to develop a strategy for leveling that doesn't waste any time, how to get new neighbors and how to get things done without ever needing to spend real world cash on the in-game money or having to fill out countless surveys to get it done.

In short, the Café World guide is a big giant blueprint that shows players how to go from level 1 to the top of the game in a streamlined path. It doesn't give you step by step directions like other game guides because that's not how these games work. Rather, it shows you how to cater your play style to your own schedule and do well with the time you have to invest.

When you can do that, even a part time player can be a top ranked Chef. Check it out now:



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