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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Useful Article On Healthy Travel Food

If you go travelling a lot you might be horrified by the lack of nutritional food on offer. Most companies that dish food out to travellers are more interested in profit than nutrition.

Going travelling can often force us to eat lots of unhealthy meals. It's hard to have control over your calorie intake as your food options will be so limited.

Don't be worried though, you can still enjoy delicacies on your travels without turning into a pig! With a little care, you can enjoy yourself without being over-indulgent.

If you want to try various delicacies, try to share them with a partner and use your common sense to pick out snacks and meals that are most likely to have the most nutritional value.

If you're on the road and eating breakfast at service stations, avoid eating deep fried eggs and bacon. Stick to cereals and sandwiches. If you're going to have eggs, stick to boiled eggs or an omelette.

Take plenty of healthy snacks with you from home to ensure that you and your kids are guaranteed to get some nutrition. You never know what your food options are going to be when you travel, so at a bare minimum you can make sure you have a few healthy snacks in your bag. Take things like protein bars, whole wheat bread sandwiches, fruit and juices. Don't take high fat and salty snacks like crisps and chocolate bars. Alternatively a great diet for on the move is The Lunch Box Diet which you can combine with a simple cool bag to keep everything fresh.

When food is offered to you during your journey, be it on a plane, a train or a ship, use you head to analyse the negative and positive aspects of the meals before tucking in. If possible, stick only to boiled, roasted or baked dishes rather than fried meals. Make sure you have adequate salads or vegetables to accompany your meal. These should always be provided as standard. You can check what food will be served before you arrange your journey.

Long distance travelling can be quite boring so it's hard not to stuff yourself along the way. This is why you should take only healthy snacks in case you get this urge. If you are serious about dieting or losing weight, then you should have a natural eye for filtering out healthy food from junk. When travelling, its time to put this instinct in to use and stay disciplined and eat as healthily as you can.


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