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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get paid to take surveys (seriously), not scam

Can you really get paid just for taking surveys?

When it comes to earning money from home, there are many options that one can pursue, but one thing always comes to mind first: Making money using the internet.

Making money online is something that everybody dreams about, but not very many people actually ever achieve. Usually one would need some technical experience such as programming, coding, graphics design, or publishing.

Many of us do not have any of these skills to help us get started earning a living online.

There is, however, a method of earning an income from home using the internet that does not require any technical skills. It is called paid surveys. This is where you can get paid for completing online surveys. Sounds simple and easy right?

Well.. it is! But how does it work?

It's all about market research. Big corporations like Nike, Walmart, and Best Buy spend billions of dollars every year on market research. Market research is the act of gathering information about your current consumers likes and needs, and gathering information from potential, soon-to-be customers.

Once they have your information, they can use that to make better decisions on upcoming Advertising campaigns and product creation. Your opinion is very important to these big companies.

That's where the surveys come in. Market research panels look for members who are willing to take time out of their day to complete surveys and give their opinions. For taking time out of your day, the research panels will reward you, often with cash!

It's a win-win situation because they get your opinion and you get paid.

How can I make a lot of money with paid surveys?

When you join these market research panels they will usually have a preliminary survey you will need to complete. This survey will ask you information about yourself such as age, income, gender, and so on. Then they will send you surveys that match that criteria.

For example: If a market research panel wants to get some consumer opinion on laundry detergent, they will more than likely send that survey to women, especially moms.

If they want some consumer opinion on power tools or electric razors, they would send those surveys to middle-aged men.

The way to make more money with paid surveys is to always give accurate information and to complete as many surveys as you possibly can. When you complete surveys as often as you can this will benefit you for multiple reasons.

1. You will get paid.

2. The market research panels will notice that you are a good survey taker, so then they will send
you even more surveys.

3. Completing these surveys will also give the panels more information about you so that they can send you more surveys that match your personal criteria.

This is the key to making the most money possible with paid surveys.

So what have we discussed? Making money from home is possible, but it's not always easy. There is, however a great way to earn from home that is actually easy.

That method is by taking paid surveys.

Just be sure that you always provide accurate information and complete as many surveys as you possibly can. There are a few websites that can get you hooked up with all of the top Market research panels. The best one that I know of is called eCashOpinions.com

Fixing Red Eye with Adobe Photoshop

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ufMa_jE5XAk/TIAGddcxdfI/AAAAAAAAAak/8mb1k9kX-QA/S230/9.2.jpgIt is a common problem. Your have captured some adorable photographs of your new baby boy and can't wait to show them off to your friends and family only to be disappointed, when you look at them on your computer or pick them up from the photo lab, by the terrible red eye.

Your precious child looks like a demon or something from a scary movie. This problem is commonly referred to as "red eye."

Red eye is caused by the light from camera's flash reflecting off of the retina in the back of the eye.

In low light conditions the iris of the eye is larger providing for a larger surface to appear red in your photos.

Unfortunately, it is in low light conditions that a flash is needed the most.

Red is becoming more and more of a problem and this is partly due to the emergence of digital photo technology. Since digital cameras do not need the same internal mechanics or space for film they are becoming smaller and smaller compared to their film counterparts.

This means that the flash is much closer to the lens. In fact, in most new point and shoot digital cameras the flash is directly above the lens.

This is the problem. When the flash is closer to the lens it causes the flash to enter the iris directly and reflect straight back to the camera causing the terrible red eye that has ruined your family pictures.

Most digital cameras have a red eye reduction feature built in which causes a pre flash immediately before the camera exposes the image.

This causes the iris to become smaller for the actual picture. Unfortunately, this function rarely completely eliminates red eye from your photographs.

Since most point and shoot digital cameras do not have a hot shoe allowing the photographer to add a flash away from the camera the only option for eliminating red eye is to fix it after the fact.

This is where Adobe Photoshop comes in. Photoshop makes it easy to correct even the worst cases of red eye in photographs.

Are you concerned that Photoshop is too complicated or difficult to learn? Don't be. Even someone with no experience at all can quickly and easily learn to fix red eye like a pro using Adobe Photoshop.

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Get Paid for Your Opinion

Have you ever thought what life would be like if you were able to work from home? How much more time would you be able to spend with your family, your children, or just doing the things you love? Most people only dream about it but never take the next step to actually doing it, so they continue to work in jobs they hate and fight traffic everyday just to barely make ends meet. Why not make your dream a reality and get paid for your opinion? You probably are not even aware that major companies will pay you just to tell them what you think of their products! How's that for a fun job?
Companies all over the world, use people, just like you to tell them what they think of their products, both positive and negative in order to better market their products. They need you, and the possibilities are endless for survey work. You can work from home while you get paid for your opinion, it just doesn't get any better than that! What you need is to know the right company that can connect you with several online survey companies, this way you stream of income continues everyday. Did you know some survey companies pay as much as $75 just for your opinion? That's pretty good cash if you do enough of these every single week.
In addition to cash benefits and the ability to work from home, many companies send you products to try out and keep. It is like getting gifs in the mail everyday. Many people do online surveys and quit their day jobs in order to have more time at home with their family, save on gas commuting to and from work, and earning enough income to pay their bills and have enough left over to play. The beauty of paid surveys is if you need additional money, just do more surveys, some surveys pay right at the end of the surveys, others pay on specified days. What this means is a steady stream of income all month long.
Rather than just sitting back wishing you could work from home, why start today and get paid for your opinion? You will soon find you truly can earn a living just by giving your opinion about a product. You are helping companies know how to improve their packaging and other marketing essentials. Every survey is different, so you are never bored and they are very interesting, which means you are constantly doing something different, which is exciting and boredom-proof. You can't say that about most jobs, so make today the day you take the plunge and sign up for some of the best surveys that pay well and offer fringe benefits as well, such as sending you free product samples.

Energy from the Phone – A Cheap Source of Electricity


Every day more and more people complain about the huge amounts of money they have to spend on electricity bills. High consumption of energy is a fact in all houses and it is due mainly to the large numbers of electrical appliances which use electrical power to work. Yet, stop using them can significantly decrease the comfort which they are used to and make their life more miserable. Thus, for many is a situation of choosing between their money and the electrical appliances which make their life so good. If you are in the same situation, then you should know that there is no point of choosing between one or the other, when you can have them both.

As unbelievable as this may seem, there is a possibility of saving money from your electricity bill and still have all the comfort you need by using the appliances which make your life worth living. This can be done by taking advantage of a great opportunity that very few people thought about: extracting the power from the phone line. The phone company introduces power through the phone lines for proper connections between people who are using this service. This energy is included in your phone bill so there will be no extra charges for you, while you will benefit from a cheap source of energy.

You can use this type of energy for powering almost all appliances from your house without being necessary to plug them in the power outlet. This means that once you have gathered enough electricity from the phone line, you will have a certain independence from the electricity provider, fact which will enable you to save more money on the electricity bill and at the same time you will also have power when all your neighbors who do not know about this will not have.

Gathering power from the phone line is a simple procedure and with little guidance everyone can build their own system that will save them hundreds, even thousands of dollars each and every year. With such amount of money saved without sacrificing your comfort, you will be able to live life to the fullest without thinking of the next electricity bill!

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Enjoying a Good Game without Needing Game Cheats for Cityville

Players are always searching for game cheats for Cityville to help boost their levels and earn larger amounts of experience and Cityville cash. The thing is there are no cheats to help you play Cityville, and all you need is to play the game regularly to be able to build a successful city. There are some points that you can consider if you want to level up faster and gain more experience in the process, and here are some of them:

When starting in Cityville, consider the amount of space that you are allotted in your initial levels and plan accordingly. Determine the places where you should put your buildings, plant your crops, and other game necessities early on so you can proceed playing the game without a hitch. Of course, there are no game cheats for Cityville to depend on this time, so get creative and plan your city the best way you could. A well-planned city will enable you to add additional buildings and establishments in the future without any difficulty.

A lot of Cityville players wonder why there are people who have hundreds of neighbors and wonder whether these people used any form of game cheats for Cityville. This is a misconception, and you'll easily find groups on Facebook that are on the look out for new neighbors. You might want to visit these pages and ask other Cityville players to add you as a friend and then later as a neighbor. You'll be surprised at how much faster you'll be able to level up without using any game cheats and just by accepting your neighbors' help and gifts. Of course, you should return the favor as well as a good neighbor would.

One other tip to negate the need for Cityville game cheats is to reserve your energy for the more difficult goals. Set your priorities and make a mental note of the things that you need to do first before concentrating on easier tasks. This will allow you to gain more experience with the harder goals and get additional coins at the same time.

Lastly, what you need to do is play the game on a regular basis and make sure you complete all your goals during the course of the day. Make plans on how much time you can spend playing Cityville to prevent crops from spoiling and wasting those coins and your energy. Keep all these tips in mind and you won't have to look for game cheats for Cityville.


Do Not Pick Your Pearly Penile Papules

Many men suffering of pearly penile papules feel the need of getting rid of them immediately. It is true that living with those bumps on the penis cannot be a pleasure for anybody. Moreover, it can even be quite tormenting having to deal with the presence of the papules each and every day and knowing that you cannot do anything to make them disappear.

Thus, many men who end up losing their patience and having no faith that they will ever get rid of those bumps start picking them. This is the worst thing one can do. If living with those bumps, which may at one point in your life disappear is difficult, then think how hard will be to live with scars on your penis. Cause this is what is going to happen if you start picking those little, ugly pearly penile papules.

The area in which the pearly penile papules are located (the head of the penis) is extremely sensitive. Thus, picking them will not only be very painful, but it will also result in inflammation and infection of the area, which will take long enough to heal and which may leave some very ugly scars behind. Thus, even though you may manage to get rid of some of those bumps, you will have to deal with infections and unnecessary scarring which will remain there for all your life.

In addition to that, picking the bumps will not solve the problem, first of all, because you will not be able to remove all those small bumps from your penis. Thus, no matter how hard you try, there will still be pearly penile papules on your skin. Secondly, this condition is recurrent, so it can appear even after you have picked them. Thus all your efforts and your suffering will have been in vain.

So, if you want to have a normal penis, you should stay away from picking your pearly penile papules, cause this condition will go away at a certain point or may be treated so that it will not appear any more, but scars and infections are much more difficult to deal with and you may even remain with those marks on your penis all your life.

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Creating a Panorama

Okay, you want to create a panorama but your camera doesn't have that option. It is really no big deal, you can easily use PS to stitch your photos together using these steps.

  1. First you take your photos by choosing the spot where you want to photograph. A hint: if you have a tripod, use it, it will help immensely. I always start taking the photos from the left and go on to the right. So take the first photo then try to remember an object or something that's on the right side of that photo you just took, now move your camera to the right (in my case) and find that object you just picked out as your marker, now put that object in the middle of the next photo, it helps if you can put the photos over each other in photoshop when you want to edit them.
  2. You next need to decide the size of your panorama, I want mine to be the height of 600 pixels and the width will then be 2400 pixels, because when I put the height to 600 then all the images have to be 800 px times 600 px… So 800 times 3 is 2400. Import all the images and change the size from your original size to 800*600.
  3. Next we open up photoshop now, and start with an empty canvas (image) with the size of 2600 x 600 px. I put the extra 200 to the 2400 to have a little breathing room when I edit my photos.
  4. Put the photo that you took first onto layer one, the next on layer 2 and so on. Lay them out as next to each other as possible and you will see where the photos will change.
  5. Now you take the rectangular marquee tool and drag "a line" where the 2 images go together. Now Press Ctrl + Alt + D and to select the feather tool (sorry just know the shortcut to most tools). Put in the amount let's say 20…something around that should be good and press enter. Now be sure that you have selected layer 2, which means the second photos overlapping the first one. Then just press delete. Now you see how the two images go together. Sometimes it works just with that and some times your need to use the lasso tool for example to fix some small details so that they really fit together with the first photo.
  6. When you then got every image together, use the crop tool to select out our photo of the panorama, you can take all or just a part of it. When you have cropped the photo and checked that all the details are right, you can put all the photos in to one photo by pressing Ctrl + E, to merge the photos together as one. A hint: be sure that you have checked all the details before you do this because it's much easier to fix things while they are still in different layers.

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Do Height Increase Exercises Really Work?

In the process of conducting research on methods to get taller, many people stumble across a plethora of websites and advertisements claiming that exercise can make you taller. Is this really true? The answer is yes and no. Read on to learn more.
Grow Taller
Exercise, combined with a sound diet and proper posture, can be beneficial to your body in a variety of different ways. Doing exercises to increase height while you are young and still growing can indeed help you grow taller, but it's important to remember that during this period of your life, your body still has a lot of growing to do. Exercises and stretches releases height growth hormones, which speed and enhance growth spurts.

However, there are many sites out there that claim to know exercises to increase height that can lengthen the bones after one has reached adulthood. Don't listen to these claims. Your bones can't lengthen when you stretch them. They're done growing. The only way you could possibly physically lengthen your bones is by surgery, which is expensive, risky, painful, and very difficult.

However, this isn't to say that exercises to increase height are entirely useless. If you have reached adulthood and are still dissatisfied with your height, there are still many ways to enhance your appearance and make yourself look taller, and exercising is one of them. Exercise slims your figure and makes you more muscular, which in turn makes you look taller. It's also very good for your bones—it makes them stronger and less likely to weaken or shrink during old age.

A healthy diet is just as important. Throughout life, it's always a good idea to have a steady intake of calcium, protein, amino acids, and calories to ensure that your body has enough energy and resources to renew and replenish itself. Eating poorly and neglecting your body can result in stunted growth in early ages and even shrinking in later years as your body takes calcium directly from your bones.

Dressing well can also help in looking taller. Try wearing solid, dark colors. Pinstripes also produce a slimming effect while making you seem taller. Make sure to wear clothing that fits your frame well and is comfortable as well. This will help with your posture, which can also help you look taller if you sit up straight and keep your head held high.

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Can Castor Oil Treat Pearly Penile Papules?

Pearly penile papules are small bumps which appear on the head of the penis. This condition is a skin problem which is only common in men. If you are experiencing such a problem you probably know that there is no medicine which can treat this condition. Moreover, if you do not want to live with those bumps on your penis all your life you can only get rid of them by using laser surgery or other types of surgery.

Taking into consideration the numerous disadvantages presented by this type of surgeries, many patients choose not to undergo such a procedure. However, living with pearly penile papules may not be an easy task, this is why, trying to relieve your discomfort by using homemade remedies can be the best thing you can do. One of the most used treatments against this condition is castor oil. This method, used by many men along time seems to be one which has great results.

If you are curious to find out how effective this treatment is you will have to purchase a bottle of castor oil and some cotton swabs. Wash the affected area well and pat it dry, then use a cotton swab to apply the substance on the papules. Use plenty of castor oil, more than the amount you would normally use. Do not bandage the area, but rather leave it as it is. Also, it is recommended that you repeat this procedure for at least three times per day or even four if the condition is rather severe.

It is highly important to understand that this method will not give results from the first day you apply the castor oil, but you will have to wait some days until you will see some improvements in your condition. Thus, patience is the key of a successful treatment. Also, perseverance is a must, as if you would stop the treatment there are few chances of having any results. In fact, you must be very consistent with this treatment otherwise there will be very few noticeable improvements in your condition. So, if you want a clear answer to the question from the title, then yes, castor oil may have positive effects on your pearly penile papules, but you will have to be patient and perseverant.

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Changes & Goals

Here we sit, just less than 11 weeks from the FLEX Pro. My first blog entry leading into the show, so an update as to what has gone on leading up to this point is in order. I am currently living in the LA area and train 6 days a week in Gold's Venice with Charles Glass. It is definitely a lot of change from my normal style of training and normal routine. Every year to this point, I have done my prep in the familiarity of my hometown of Toronto. Bodybuilding and anything in life is about learning so we will see how everything turns out in the end. I know that I'm very focused, working hard, and definitely much bigger than I have ever been. I am in better condition and my waist is smaller than I had going into the show last year in NY (2010 NY Pro). My goal for this year is to be better; more complete and balanced. Not just the typical "bigger" that most guys strive for. Many of you know that I have always been an advocate of high volume training, but Charles Glass, does not share my belief. My volume has been greatly diminished and weights are staying much heavier. Maybe, that is what I can attribute being 310lbs and this lean at this point in my prep. Time will tell. I'm not typically one to throw around numbers so I will not get into that here. I'm looking to bring an improved V taper and largely improved overall package to the stage Feb 19. I look forward to competing with whoever may show up at the show. I hope everyone is working hard. It's going to be a great year! "Pain is temporary. It may last a minute or an hour or a day or a year, but eventually it will subside and something will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever" Lance

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Bargain Hunting for Women’s Plus Size Apparel

If finding women's plus size apparel is difficult, then finding clothing in large sizes at bargain prices is an even greater challenge. To get the best deals on plus size clothes, consider shopping online, at local stores, and through mail-order catalogs. The following are eight strategies for saving money:

- Look for a sale, clearance, or outlet section on the website of your favorite retailer. Occasionally, you can save up to 80% off original prices this way. If your retailer is owned by a parent company, also check the parent company's website for a clearance or outlet section.

- Comparison shop for similar items at different websites. If you plan to wear an item only a few times or occasionally, perhaps you can purchase a similar but cheaper item.

- Always use a search engine to look for a coupon code your retailer may have. Many websites actually track these coupon codes along with expiration dates to help shoppers save. When filling out your order form online or in a catalog, look for an entry for "coupon code" or "promo code" and then enter a coupon code that applies. If ordering online, be sure to verify that you have received the discount for entering the coupon code.

- Go to the website of your favorite plus size retailer and sign up to receive e-mail specials. In addition, if the sign-up form offers a print catalog, request the catalog also. By signing up, you will receive notifications through e-mails and catalogs of any specials the retailer may be having. Note that you should sign up only with retailers that really interest you or your mailbox may become crammed with excessive e-mails.

- Buy clothing out-of-season or pre-season. Many retailers will offer steep discounts on out-of-season items.

- Buy machine-washable clothes. The cost of having to dry clean an item will make that item expensive in the long run. If you are not sure whether an item is machine-washable, be sure to ask the retailer before you buy.

- Visit local stores that carry plus size clothing and browse through their clearance racks. Some local retailers try to quickly rid their racks of excessive inventory to make room for the latest fashion.

- Purchase items that coordinate well with what you already have in your wardrobe in terms of styling and color.

Using the above strategies will help you save on plus size clothing. Dressing well should not have to be an expensive endeavor for the full-figured woman.


3 Tips To Buy The Right Woodworking Equipment

Have you been working as a woodworking craftsman for ages or have you started recently? Whether you're an experienced craftsman or a total rookie you might want to save some money and you can do it buy purchasing used woodworking equipment instead of new tools. It's possible to save plenty of money but it's important to choose the right equipment and to buy the things from the right place.
tedsplans download
Who to buy used tools from

It's definitely a good idea to try to save some money by purchasing used woodworking equipment but it's also important to not buy the first used tools you can find. You will be able to find plenty of sellers on the net and you will also be able to meet many sellers if you start visiting flea markets, but you should keep in mind that some used woodworking equipment can be a waste of money instead of a good investment.

It's a big difference between the tools you need if you have the woodworking craft as a profession and the tools you need if you just have woodworking as a hobby. You need to be extra careful if you're a craftsman who has this as a profession. You can't afford to buy worthless tools that can't be used for your woodworking projects and that's why you should only buy your used woodworking equipment from shops who sells used items as a profession. They will be able to meet your demands and you will get what you need and look for. Everyone will be happy with such a deal since you will save money and they will make money.

How old tools can I buy

You might wonder how old tools you can buy without getting worthless equipment. The age doesn't really matter since some machines and tools can be reconditioned. This means the motor might be replaced and that will make an old machine almost as good as a new one. It's not a good idea to buy a 15 year old machine with the original motor left in it though. That means you will throw away your money and that's probably the last thing you want.

Try to find some used woodworking equipment that will be yours for a low cost. Don't stare yourself blind at the price though, the quality is the most important thing after all and that's what you should focus on.

Download over 16,000 woodworking plans and designs right here

Are Your Glasses Actually Hurting Your Eyes?

Almost half the population in America wears some sort of artificial lens, glasses or contact lenses. Artificial lenses may help improve your vision, but it is just a temporary fix. Glasses and lenses can never fix your eye problems. Artificial lenses can help you see things more clearly, but they are mainly for the symptoms of eye problems and do not cure the actual ailment.

The main problem with artificial lenses is they teach you bad habits and allow your eyes to work incorrectly. You quickly become dependent on the lenses and keep your eyes from healing themselves. If you can teach your eyes to be more relaxed, the need for glasses and lenses would go away completely.

The main cause of most eye ailments is mental stress and strain on the eyes. The key is to learn how to avoid strain in the first place. That is not always possible, so learning new habits to deal with strain is the next step.

One of the largest problems with artificial lenses is finding the perfect prescription. Your eyes are constantly changing. Many things play a factor in how well you can see. Weather, health, mood, distractions, and outside stressors all play a part in your vision. When it's sunny and bright out our moods are usually better and so is our eyesight. For a doctor to find the perfect prescription is impossible. You may go to the doctor when you are in a bad mood and its dark and rainy out. Your prescription will reflect this making them not work at all when you are happy and it's bright out.

Try going without your glasses for a few weeks and see what happens. You may be surprised at the results. Of course at first things may be blurry, but once your eyes start to adjust to a life without artificial lenses things will become clearer. The trick is to make sure you are free of too much mental strain. Try some relaxation techniques and rest your eyes when things start to get out of focus.

Wearing artificial lenses can make our eyes lazy and teach us many bad habits. Concentrate on fixing the problem of mental strain and don't just cover up the problem.

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A flight simulator is a software system that is intended to give the users the feeling of flying an actual aircraft.

Flight Simulator GameThe degree of reality in the flight sim actually depends upon the kind of technology being used and the computer hardware available.

Today, there are a number of flight simulation games and establishments, which guarantee to give you the thrill of flying an actual aircraft, while keeping you away from the risks involved in doing so.

There are a number of uses that flight simulators have been put to in the past.

The civil and military aviation industries have been constantly using these systems to train and teach pilots how to actually fly different types of aircraft and how to act in different sorts of scenarios and failures.

One of the oldest flight simulators was developed just after World War I to help pilots fire a machine gun in a moving cockpit replica.

By having a simulator the pilot could learn how to aim in a environment that cost less, and had minimal hazards.

More recently, the gaming industry has realized the huge potential in flight simulation software.

With the continual evolution of this type of software, actual aircraft flying is now available to anyone and everyone who wants to experience the thrill.

Flight pro sim is one of the newest games around the block, offering unmatched and unparalleled flight simulation experience.

A lot of other home-based flight simulators have surfaced in the market recently.

From normal play station games to state of the art home-built virtual cockpits, there is a simulator to suit everyone's taste and pocket.

The best tradeoff between cost and quality comes when people actually design their customized cockpits at home.

You can invest on a good flight simulation game and a good screen to complement it and build a real-life like cockpit yourself.

You can use the standard game consoles, embedded in the cockpit designed by you.

With the technology that is now available in the market and your imagination running wild, the sky is now not the limit when it comes to getting the ultimate flight simulation experience.

So, go on, grab a good game or two, design your own cockpit and go flying!

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Can You Trust Any Hair Regrowth Plans?

Newcomers to the Internet are initially overwhelmed at the cornucopia of wonderful opportunities that seem to be offered to them on every hand. Miraculous cures, the chance to make tens of thousands of dollars every day with twenty-two seconds of work, free computers and free refrigerators, and countless other amazing deals seem to beckon from every side.

After attempting to take advantage of several of these offers, and ending up with subscriptions to three different magazines and a bill for an expensive commemorative plate that they did not order (besides not getting the free car, million dollar annual income, or permanent cure for acne that they wanted), most people come to recognize these offers for what they are: dodges at best, and lies, ripoffs, and scams at worst. Unfortunately, the protective armor of Internet cynicism that we soon develop often blinds us to the real opportunities that come along as well.

The Hair Loss Blueprint is a hair restoration plan that you might dismiss as yet another of the tens of thousands of overpriced hair regrowth scams that separate you from your money while leaving your scalp as innocent of hair as when you began. The Blueprint, on the other hand, is genuine – a low cost, high effect technique that uses readily available items to coax a fresh growth of hair from your pate.

The Hair Loss Blueprint doesn't rely on an endless stream of bottles, creams, or procedures to return "foliage" to your head. In fact, the author isn't selling anything except the Blueprint itself. After finding out, largely by accident, that a few grocery items mixed into a concoction, and a regular program of scalp massages, will regrow your hair far more effectively than the dangerous cures most restoration plans provide, the Blueprint's author decided to go public with his information in the name of restoring hair and self-image worldwide with his sensational discovery.

You will tackle life with new zest and greet each day with fresh confidence after the Hair Loss Blueprint has helped you regain the hair that you have been missing for so long. This opportunity may not last long – especially at the remarkable one-time price of $37 – so get your copy today and discover how genuine and beneficial the Blueprint really is!

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Building the Ultimate WoW Gold Farming Tactics

I don't know about you, but farming for gold in World of Warcraft is not exactly a "fun" exercise. It's time consuming, more than a little boring and generally doesn't pay off very well. But, with the right tweaks, you can inject a little bit of entertainment into your gold farming and ensure you make a huge pile of the stuff for every minute you spend logged in.

Turn Farming into a Social Event

Most people think of farming in WoW and remember long hours spent waiting for a particular item to drop or clicking the same boring nodes over and over again. But, it doesn't have to be like that. Make a game of it and invite some friends.

You can go farming in instances too where you can bring three or four buddies and take out big time bosses on your way to find some of the best loot the game has to offer. I don't recommend you do this if you're aiming for 1,000+ gold an hour, but if you just want to kill time and make gold, it's the way to go.

Outsource to Other Farmers

Create a farming empire by outsourcing your gold making to other people. If you can get 5-10 other people on board farming for items that you can flip for a profit on the auction house, you'll instantly make a lot more gold than you would otherwise. How does it work?

First, advertise your mat buying services in a major city. Many players fresh off a farming trip will want to get rid of things fast. You need to offer fair prices, but they can be 20% below the common auction house sale prices and you'll still make a profit. Remember too that there is a standard auction house fee so you'll need to cover that.

Finally, you could just skip farming altogether. Don't feel like you need to go out and "earn" every gold piece you gather. The richest players in this game did it by building up their auction house prowess, not by farming endless mobs and profession nodes.

Farming in World of Warcraft will never be as much fun as taking down an epic 25 man boss with 100 million HP. But, it can be a lot more fun than sitting around and waiting for a fish to bite on your shiny bauble in Durotar. So, get in there, build a strategy that works and most of all, have some fun. This is a game after all.


CS4 and Adobe Bridge CS4

CS4 Suite New Features:

1. Flash SWF support across all applications
2. You can play SWF files in any app
3. A tool is being developed for creating flash content without any coding experience

Adobe Bridge CS4:

1. New User-Interface
2. Sidebar and search tool location similar to Mac OS Leopard
3. Navigation in folders similar to Windows Vista Explorer
4. Labels and star ratings are easier to access.
5. Filtered searches are now much faster even across thousands of images
6. List View in Bridge
7. Auto Photo Downloader to download photos from your camera is now easier and better than Bridge CS3
8. Improved slideshows using your spacebar
9. From Slideshow, press "r" and Adobe Camera Raw opens automatically.
10. Review Mode: (full screen review of photos)
a. Just like a full screen version of Apple coverflow
b. Loopt tool built in
c. The ability to open all, review, and drop photos out of view that you don't want and others stay full screen
d. When leaving review mode the photos you kept are now selected in bridge. Ones you dropped are still there but not selected.
e. You now have the ability to create photo-collections from within review mode
11. Collections are just like Playlists in iTunes. You have the ability to group photos. The location where photos are stored is not changed.
12. More sharing options
a. Upload directly to FTP within Bridge
b. Web gallery templates are easy and use the same templates available in Lightroom 2
c. Ability to create flash galleries with a few clicks and upload instantly
d. Uses the Opera engine to render galleries within Bridge
e. Photoshop Web Gallery is going away and being replaced by Bridge Web Gallery
13. Bridge CS4 Menus (in order left to right)
File – Edit – View – Sttacks – Label – Tools – Window – Help

Adobe CS4 Applications are exactly the same as CS3 but the text in the icons is black instead of white.

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Color Modes in Photoshop

The color modes and color models of digital imaging seem to be a bit of an enigma to those first experiencing Photoshop. The diversity of color modes can be so overwhelming that novice users many times avoid these features without realizing the impact color modes can have on the end results of the image.

The color modes establish the color model that should be applied to display and print digital pictures. Understanding color modes and models and how to utilize them in Photoshop is a must for those who are serious about professional quality digital imaging. Learn what color modes will work best for different application to optimize results.


RGB stands for Red Green and Blue. In the RGB color mode colors are produced by mixing these three primary colors. Essentially you are working with three color channels in RGB mode, each of which the intensity level can be adjusted separately to attain various degrees of colors. White is created by combining all of the three colors.


CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. RGB creates colors by mixing colors together, but CMYK basically generates color by reducing varying degrees of each color. As an example, if white is needed all colors would be subtracted to zero.

Understanding how color modes work will produce a better result and improve your digital imaging skills. Monitors use RGB color while printers use CMYK color. This can sometimes create a variance in what is displayed on the PC monitor and what is printed on paper. Software is now available to be installed that will calibrate you color monitor and your printer so that what you see on your monitor is the same as what will be printed.

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Do you own a website that is receiving daily traffic

Do you own a website that is receiving daily traffic but no sale conversions? You could be great at SEO and internet marketing and get tons of daily/monthly traffic but still have little or no sales which could be down to a few things like the product, its price OR the look of the website itself.
It has been proven that potential customers are more likely to purchase from a site that is professional and well presented rather than a site that looks dull and boring with no images just tons or plain text. This is where the Web 2.0 images pack comes into its own as it's includes everything you will need to improve your website and your sales.

* Over 3,000 "choose and use" images for your website
* Over 1,600 professionally designed Web 2.0 icons
* Opt-in, Video, Testimonial, & Website Templates!
* Blank image templates so you can add your own text
* Freehand Graphics Bonus
* Super Graphics Pack Bonus
* UNLIMITED usage rights…use them on ANY website

Also included are these bonuses:

* BONUS PACK #1 – 24 Web 2.0 Sale Images
* BONUS PACK #2 – 2,000+ High Quality Blog Icons
* BONUS PACK #3 – 10 High Quality Christmas Icons
* BONUS PACK #4 – Perfect Order & Payment Buttons
* BONUS PACK #5 – FREE BONUS Mystery Pack!!!

Now I know these sounds like a very simple change to you website but it really does work, just think to yourself for a moment, where would you rather purchase from? A site that is plain and boring with nothing but text and no images or a site that is professional looking, full with colour and enticing images?

Now if you can honestly tell me that you would prefer to buy from the dull website then the Web 2.0 Images Pack is not for you! If you WOULD prefer to buy from the great looking site then why not go ahead and grab you Web 2.0 Images Pack today for a mere $9.95…..yes that does sound to good to be true but is the truth FULL STOP!
Oh and if you are still a little sceptical about buying you will be pleased to know that there is a 30 day money back guarantee just for your total piece of mind.

You've come this far and have your website fully functional and ready to earn cash so why not go a little extra and turn it into something amazing, that will almost certainly increase your sales and profit.

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Do Not Pick At Your Sores When You Have Angular Cheilitis

Mixed feelings invade one's heart when the first signs of Angular Cheilitis appear. There is embarrassment about the way in which the skin around the lips looks like and there is the feeling of fear of the way in which this condition may develop in time. Then, there is the pain which usually accompanies this condition. With so many feelings crossing their souls, many people just panic and start picking at the cracked skin, in hope that this will hurry the process of healing. Yet, this is one of the worst things you can make in your trial of getting rid of Angular Cheilitis. Here is why:

Angular Cheilitis involves the cracking of skin, inflammation, redness and in most severe cases infection and pus. In order for the skin to start healing, it will need to start regenerating the cells which have been damaged. Thus, more often, in the cases precursory to the healing the skin will have a flaky aspect. This means that the skin is trying to remake the areas which are affected. If you start picking at that skin and taking it from there you will further enlarge the lesions and prevent the skin from healing in an effective manner. In other words, instead of helping the skin to heal, as you may believe, you just make the process longer and more difficult.

In addition to that, the hand surface collects millions of bacteria each hour. Thus, placing your hands on the affected area will further increase the risk of infection. Even though you have just got rid of all that nasty pus you can cause another infection just by picking at your sores and you do not want this to happen, right? Also, picking at your skin may result in scarring the affected area, so this should be another reason for which you should keep your hands away from the area affected by Angular Cheilitis.

The temptation of trying to 'help' your skin recover faster by picking at your sores may be high. Yet, you should refrain from such actions if you do not want to prolong the time it will take your skin to heal and aggravate the situation.

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Excessive Sweating – 3 Solutions to prevent Hyperhidrosis

More than eight million people in US alone are afflicted by hyperhidrosis. Sweating excessively is classified as a medical problem that leads to an exceptional degree of sweat to be excreted in excess to that essential for natural body regulation. Despite the fact that this condition will not be lethal, it may be very embarrassing. Needing to continuously check out wet stains under your armpits and the bad odor will surely ruin a person's self esteem.

Fortunately, you do not have to accept hyperhidrosis for a lifetime. We have given three herbal solutions to avoid hyperhidrosis below. If you adhere to the guidelines, you are on the right path to sweat free life.

Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a drink that's jam packed with the vital vitamin B. Vitamin B has been proven for being exceptional for fighting excessive sweating. Therefore if you wish to stop sweating soon, take in 1-2 portions of wheat grass day-to-day. Within just weeks of drinking this powerful natural remedy, you are going to notice a tremendous decrease in sweat.


Sage is another natural medicine which is outstanding to prevent sweating. Brew 1 tablespoon of sage leaves or 1 teaspoon of sage powder to a pot of boiling water. On the other hand, when you go for sage leaves to brew, you should be very careful as in the event you over brew the leaves, it might become toxic. If done correctly, you will be able to notice a decline in sweat in a week or two.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most known natural options for preventing excessive sweating. It has been tested to counteract well over time, so take 1 tablespoon of lukewarm ACV every morning. When you continue the dosage good enough, you must be able to prevent sweating.

These three natural treatments are designed to keep excessive sweating away. If you wish to permanently cure excessive sweating, one of the best decision to pick is to obtain a stop excessive sweating guide. Such guides will take you step-by-step through detailed instructions on how to proceed appropriately to ensure you stop sweating for good. If you frantically desire to stop sweating, I highly recommend that you buy a stop sweating guide.

Sweating excessively does not have to be a lifelong burden. The sooner you are taking action, the faster you will live the sweat free life you always wanted. Learn to Prevent Excessive Sweating now.

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Exercises for the Eyes

Staring and straining or the worse things you can do to your eyes. After a long day at work, the eyes are tired and need to relax and renew to improve vision. The constant strain day in and day out does nothing but damage the eyes. Below are three exercises design to remove the eye strain.


The first exercise is the Dot exercise. To do this find a period or comma on the page and focus on making it as clear as possible. Stare at the period until it comes into focus. Chances are after a few seconds the period will actually became less clear and blurry.

Try relaxing your eyes. Close them for a minute and let them relax. Now look at the period without straining. Don't stare; instead, let your eyes slowly move around the page, over and around the period. Don't focus only on the period, the eyes need movement. Make sure to blink a bit. Try closing your eyes and picturing the dot and then look at it again. Once the eyes are relaxed it should be easier to see the period.

The second exercise is the Word exercise. Find a word on the page that is five or more letters long. Stare at the word so that all the letters are in view, but don't move the eyes. Focus entirely on the whole word trying to get the best image in your head. Again, staring and concentrating hard is going to cause the word to blur.

Now, relax your eyes and allow them to move slowly over, around, and across each letter of the word. Blink. Allow the eyes to lead you; don't force them to look at what you want. The word should be clearer when you look at it again. Letter the eyes move around is what will help them work best without the strain.

The third exercise is the Double Vision exercise. This exercise is meant to get your eyes to work together as a team. Most people use one eye to look at an object, while the other eye does its own thing. Squinting can help bring an object into focus with both eyes, but this causes unnecessary stress.  The trick is to relax the eyes, focus on the object in a calm way, and allow both eyes to focus together.

Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come.

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Get Paid for Mystery Shopping

Have you ever met someone that was involved in mystery shopping and thought it would be a great way to earn money while out and about in various restaurants and retail stores? How would you like to get paid to shop or get paid to eat? That is exactly what you can expect as a mystery shopper. However, you want to connect with the best when it comes to finding the higher paid mystery shopping groups. You don't have to just dream about what it would be like to actually do something you enjoy, and be paid well for it.
What are companies willing to pay you to mystery shop? Simply put, they want to know what you think about their food, service, staff, and overall experience. Why is this important? Look in the yellow pages at all the various retail stores and restaurants in your city, all want your business. Companies need to make sure their employees are treating every customer like royalty so that they can build a good following. As a mystery shopper, you never disclose you are a mystery shopper to the clerk or restaurant staff, as far as they are concerned, you are just another patron. That's the beauty of mystery shopping, you are in and out and then you make your report, turn it in and get paid.
Businesses are willing to compensate you and offer you free merchandise and food, so in essence you get paid to shop and paid to eat, it is a dream come true. Meanwhile, you are out and about and not stuck in an office just waiting for your day to end. Mystery shopping is fun and exciting, because you also get to do a little acting. Many times the assignment may be to return an item, or send back a dinner you ordered for numerous reasons. It is a very fun job, and it also gives you the freedom to work for yourself and not have to worry about clocking in and out at a dead-end job.
Moreover, you will have more time with your family, friends, and what is most important to you while you still earn a living doing some fun, challenging, and interesting. When you connect with the right group, you will be sent on all kinds of assignments, sometimes they will be over the phone, other times they may be online, and many times they are in person. It is a fun way to make a living and you can earn quite a bit when you are with the right company that can show you where the highest paid mystery shopping assignment are at. Remember, you can get paid to shop and get paid to eat, all while being a mystery shopper and having the freedom to go to various establishments as an undercover mystery shopper.


Getting Started in FarmVille

If you're new to the world of FarmVille, it won't likely take long for you to figure out why this game has captured the imagination of so many people. There are a ton of options when it comes to what seeds you can grow, what buildings and decorations you can put on your farm, and which types of livestock you choose to raise. Because you do have so many options though, it can be a little difficult at first to figure out where to start in order to develop your farm right.

Expand Slowly

You want to get the most out of your land when you're working in FarmVille. This means that you'll want to clear a substantial amount of land so that you can plant as many crops as possible. You do have to be careful about how much land you clear at once though. It costs 15 coins to clear one plot of land, so if you clear too many at once, you won't have any coins left to buy the seeds you want to plant.

It's best to slowly expand your plowed plots of land so that you're always able to take full advantage of their planting potential. After each harvest, it's a good idea to replant on all of your current plots first. Once you've done this it will be much easier to figure out how much more land you can afford to clear this time around. Following this pattern will quickly allow you to expand your farm while ensuring that you always have enough money to plant on all of your cleared plots.

Plan Your Harvests

Another aspect of FarmVille that it can be tough to get the hang of at first is timing your harvests right. Each crop you plant in the game will take a particular amount of time to mature. Once a crop is mature, you can harvest it. But don't wait too long. If you don't get back in time, your crops will wither and you'll just have to plow the land again and start over. It's important to plan your plantings so that you'll be able to get back to check on your farm before this happens.

One of the great things about FarmVille is that you can take it as seriously as you want to take it. If you only want to log in once a week, that's fine. Just make sure you plant crops that will last that long. Once you start playing though, it's not likely you'll be able to stay away for very long.


Getting Started in FarmVille

If you're new to the world of FarmVille, it won't likely take long for you to figure out why this game has captured the imagination of so many people. There are a ton of options when it comes to what seeds you can grow, what buildings and decorations you can put on your farm, and which types of livestock you choose to raise. Because you do have so many options though, it can be a little difficult at first to figure out where to start in order to develop your farm right.

Expand Slowly

You want to get the most out of your land when you're working in FarmVille. This means that you'll want to clear a substantial amount of land so that you can plant as many crops as possible. You do have to be careful about how much land you clear at once though. It costs 15 coins to clear one plot of land, so if you clear too many at once, you won't have any coins left to buy the seeds you want to plant.

It's best to slowly expand your plowed plots of land so that you're always able to take full advantage of their planting potential. After each harvest, it's a good idea to replant on all of your current plots first. Once you've done this it will be much easier to figure out how much more land you can afford to clear this time around. Following this pattern will quickly allow you to expand your farm while ensuring that you always have enough money to plant on all of your cleared plots.

Plan Your Harvests

Another aspect of FarmVille that it can be tough to get the hang of at first is timing your harvests right. Each crop you plant in the game will take a particular amount of time to mature. Once a crop is mature, you can harvest it. But don't wait too long. If you don't get back in time, your crops will wither and you'll just have to plow the land again and start over. It's important to plan your plantings so that you'll be able to get back to check on your farm before this happens.

One of the great things about FarmVille is that you can take it as seriously as you want to take it. If you only want to log in once a week, that's fine. Just make sure you plant crops that will last that long. Once you start playing though, it's not likely you'll be able to stay away for very long.

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What kind of landscaping equipment do you need to have around the house?


Everyone's home could use a little landscaping and if you want to do some landscaping you are going to need to have the proper landscaping equipment around in order to do it. There are a few integral pieces of landscaping equipment that you simply cannot do without. There are other pieces of equipment that are great to have but not absolutely necessary. And some of the landscaping equipment can be quite expensive. If you are going to be doing something that is not one of your regular landscaping jobs then you might want to consider renting some of your landscaping equipment rather than spending too much money to buy it.

Some of the popular kinds of landscaping equipment that many people have without even realizing that is what it is are things like fertilizer spreaders and other applicators. These are not thought of as landscaping equipment sometimes but that is in fact exactly what they are. Do you have this kind of landscaping equipment? DO you use it? If you do not use these applicators you should start. By using these kinds of things you can make your yard so much prettier and healthier. Your lawn will be lush and full and you will not suffer from the weeds that plague you any more.

If you are planning on doing a lot of work on your yard you are going to need to get yourself some irrigations tools. This is especially important when you are going to be planting some new plants or trees. You need to have all of your living shrubbery and flowers getting the right amount of water at all times. In order to get this system working right you might also want to invest in some landscaping equipment like timers and sprinklers. This way you know that your yard is getting watered when it needs it even when you are not home. This is especially great for when you leave town and in the simmer when you are under strict orders about how much water can be used each week.

Landscaping equipment is important to any job, if you want to make your yard as great as you can then you need to get the best landscaping equipment. You can find everything that you need for any job online. The internet is hands down the best place to shop for any of your landscaping equipment needs.

Download Over 7250 Breathtaking Landscaping Designs

What Are Your Eyes Saying?

Eye problems plague society today and have for many years. Many of these problems and ailments can be avoided if we would stop and listen to our eyes. They are the best factors in deciding if we are overworking them. If your eyes are straining and tense, your eyes are being damaged. You wouldn't continue straining your arm muscles for long periods of time, you would stop when it hurt and take a break. The eyes should be treated the same way.


The eyes are full of small muscles that are responsible for shortening or lengthening the lens so we can see clearly. Take a look at your eyes right now. Are they straining to read the words on the page? Are the eyes flowing over the words are staring hard at each word? Are you smiling, frowning, or concentrating too hard?  If you said yes to any of those, your eye muscles need to relax as soon as possible.

Thoughts can actually affect our vision. When you are thinking pleasant, happy thoughts the eyes are more relaxed. Relaxed eyes have better focus and allow the eyes to make smooth movements. Negative thoughts cause the eyes to strain. Strained eyes tend to stare and the movements of the eye are jerky causing the eyes to hurt.

The eyes don't lie. If your eyes hurt or you feel tense behind the eyes, they are simply trying to tell you to relax. Feel a headache coming on near the eyes or behind them? You are straining your eyes too much and need to relax.

The good news is that it only takes about 15-20 minutes to relax the eyes. Relaxed eyes can focus better and help with comprehension of the things you are reading or looking at. Simply close your eyes and concentrate on the darkness. Forget about the negative stressors going on around you, and think about positive, pleasant things. Picture yourself relaxing on the beach, the waves lapping at your feet, a cold drink in your hand. Keep your thoughts focused on as many pleasant things as you can for the entire 15 minutes. When you open your eyes, you should feel more relaxed and the eyes more focused.

Listening to what the eyes are saying and relax them when they are tired. Taking time out to relax, will help your vision for years to come.

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Want to save energy? Get the facts!

I need to buy new windows if I want to save on energy.
Maybe not. You need to carefully evaluate your windows and doors and insulation with an energy audit. Actually, before jumping to the conclusion of "I need better windows" you need to completely assess your home's energy envelope. Often times there are hidden factors that might reveal another energy problem that is contributing to the apparent problem of bad windows.

Turning off heat registers in unused room saves energy.
Partially true. If you turn off too many rooms, your furnace will overheat and shutdown. If this happens you either need an hvac contractor to come out and reset the furnace, or install a new one. Furnaces are designed with a maximum temperature in mind, and if this temperature is reached or exceeded the unit either shuts down or the furnace fries itself. Bottom line: you can shut off a room or two, but not much more without watching your furnace design temperature.

If I turn down my thermostat to 68 in the winter and 75 in the summer, I will save energy.
Maybe. This is one of the most common energy saving tips out there. The truth is every home is different, because every home uses energy differently. 68 might be optimal for most homes, but it may not work so well for yours. This tip works best when its in combination with other information about your home's energy usage.

The only way to get a professional analysis of my home's energy situation is to pay a professional to do it.
False! You can do a professional quality analysis of your home's energy usage through a home energy audit.

I'm saving money on energy because I have energy star appliances.
False! The truth is you could still be wasting money and wasting energy! An energy star appliance just uses energy more efficiently than comparable, non energy efficient appliances. The other part of the equation is you! If you're not using the appliance wisely, the most energy efficient appliance in the world will not save you any money – and you will not save energy.

Energy audits are expensive, time consuming, and worthless.
No, energy audits can be free as a weekend, do it yourself job, and generally take a couple of hours. The information you gather during an audit is invaluable, as it points you in the right direction "where" to look to save energy and money. If this information is "worthless" then saving energy isn't for you.


The key to landscaping design


If you want to incorporate only the best landscaping design then you need to start thinking along the lines of unity. This is key to your landscaping design success and it will need to be applied to your entire yard, all around your home. Your entire properly will need to have a similar feel and look, if you have this your home will have a balanced look of symmetry and this will add all kinds of beauty to your home.

You can create a wonderful sense of unity to your landscaping design in a few different ways. The most common way of bringing harmony to your landscaping design is with similar types of plants and trees. This is easy to do and it will look fantastic. There is another way to get unity to be a basic part of your landscaping design and this is with heights. By having even different plants and trees of the same or similar height you will be bringing the whole design of your yard together like you never knew you could. It will look wonderful and it will be so easy!

Your landscaping design should make use of much more than just plants and trees. Flowers look great but they generally only bloom for part of the year so you need to find some other landscaping design elements that will look perfect all year round. To do this you will want to look at landscaping stones and rocks, or even wood chips just to name a couple of things. You can even use granite and marble in your landscaping design. You can have nice little stepping stones, some statues or displays in your landscaping design or you can just have pretty rocks.

A theme can go a long way towards making your landscaping design gorgeous. If you love butterflies or hummingbirds then choose plants and flowers that will attract them to your yard and garden. This is a glorious way to showcase your design and you will always have something pretty to look at. You can talk to those at your local plant store about which type of plants and flowers will work best for this where you live.

In the end your landscaping design needs to be balanced and whole looking. You can do anything you want with your landscaping design, you can design it yourself or you can use a landscaping design that you have seen in real or in a book. No matter what you decide to do, as long as there is unity your landscaping design will look perfect.

Download Over 7250 Breathtaking Landscaping Designs

Three Buffing Systems Explained in Aion

For anyone used to more western style MMOs, the buffing systems in Aion may be a little foreign to you. Having a very clear overview of how these systems will affect your gameplay will help you become that much better suited to the streamlined, fast paced combat of Aion at the higher levels.


Titles are in almost every MMO on the planet, but they are a little different in Aion in that they actually provide a bit of a stat boost for anyone that gets them. You can only choose one title at any given time, but it can often take long and convoluted quest chains to unlock the rarest and best of the titles.

There are between 2 and 10 titles available for most major zones for each race, so you'll need to do some research on how to get them and where to find them as you level up.


Manastones are the fundamental means of boosting the different stats of your character. You can put a manastone on almost every different armor slot on your character. This allows you to find and line up the different stats your particular character needs. Later in the game, you'll be able to change the manastones into other manastones so that you can snag only the stats you need. The top three manastone stats to boost include Physical Critical Strike, Attack Power, and Magic Boost. These three stats are also the most expensive many times over.


The next thing you should focus on is enhancements for your gear. This is a completely different thing altogether that will allow you to extract various items from gear that you've farmed or bought off the Trade Broker and then use your various professions to craft them together.

The best way to take advantage of this situation is to load up on the different enhancements you can make before you start crafting items. The better your enhancements, the more possible it might be to land yourself with some rare procs that will provide you with a variety of boosts to the gear you are crafting.

These are just three of the many different buffing systems in Aion that will allow you to specialize how your character plays and what you will get out of them as you progress in levels. Do it right and you'll be light years ahead of your opponents when it comes time to master the various content.

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The Bates Method

Dr. William Bates spend years studying vision problems. He attended and graduated from Cornell University and became a teacher and researcher of ophthalmology in the New York area. Bates created many vision improvement methods and believed that anyone can see without glasses. His methods were developed teach the eyes ways to improve and heal themselves.


The Bates Method was developed to help school age children absorb more knowledge without straining their eyes. Dr. Bates learned that most bad habits and eye problems begin in school age children. Children have a natural curiosity to learn new things. However, when material is constantly shoved down their throats and they are forced to memorize tons of uninteresting information, the mind gets tired and the eyes start to strain.

Likewise, looking at new information causes the eyes to strain in order to commit it to memory. All day, every day children are forced to absorb new material, whether it interests them or not. They are not given a chance to allow the eyes to relax or take a break. This is where the Bates Method comes in.

Bates' Method is actually quite simple. He created a large chart full of common shapes and letters. The chart was placed on the wall in the front of the classroom and the children were encouraged to look over at the chart whenever they felt overwhelmed. Even looking at the chart for three minutes a day, takes the strain away from the eyes.

The Bates Method was implemented in a few schools and the teachers noticed a vast improvement in concentration and progress. The eyes were able to relax and the strain was removed. Unfortunately, the school board felt the method was too distracting and the method is no longer in practice. In fact, China is the only country that teaches students vision training.

The Bates Method can be used by just about anyone though. You could create your own chart and place it in your office. Glance at the card several times during the day to keep the eyes relaxed and alleviated the strain on the eyes. Training your eyes to relax will help improve vision today and for the rest of your life.

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Photoshop Pioneer David Biedny Launches Attention Photoshoppers!” Photoshop Podcast

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 24, 2005 — Photoshop author and leading expert David Biedny has launched a new podcast show dedicated to covering the vast realm of Adobe's popular Adobe Photoshop image editing software.

Attention Photoshoppers! includes segments on Photoshop related news, step by step techniques to using Photoshop for production and artistic creativity, Photoshop book and companion product reviews, technical analysis, historical anecdotes and interviews with Photoshop luminaries, authors, artists and developers.

"I really love the democratization and editorial freedom of the podcasting revolution," says Biedny, "Photoshop users are on the cutting edge of technological innovation, and a podcast show designed to educate and entertain Photoshop fans seemed like a natural progression of my work in media, imaging and education. There are so many great stories about the people and technology involved in elevating Photoshop to a verb in modern culture."

Attention Photoshoppers! is available through Apple's iTunes, and
Biedny is a longtime author and editor in the world of technology publications, having served as one of the founding editors of MacUser magazine in the earliest days of the Macintosh computer, and his reviews, tutorials and opinion columns have appeared in a wide range of publications including New Media, MacWorld, The Macromedia User Journal, Morph's Outpost, Details, ID and others.

He is currently a Contributing Editor for MacAddict magazine. Biedny coauthored The Official Adobe Photoshop Handbook (Bantam), the first Photoshop book ever published, and also coauthored Photoshop Channel Chops (New Riders), which has recently become the most valued collectible book in the world of technical trade publishing.

At Industrial Light and Magic, he created digital special effects for movies including "Memoirs of an Invisible Man", "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", "The Rocketeer" and "Hook". Biedny was IDIG, Inc. Effects Supervisor for the motion picture "Spawn", and directed the production of 35 digital effects shots in 35 days. His popular "The David Biedny Zone" segment can be heard on Gene Steinberg's "Tech Night Owl" internet radio show.

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Overeating Nutritious Food

"I wanted to see if I could actually GAIN unwanted body fat by eating as much food as I wanted for 6 weeks straight. My theory was that if you eat the right types of food and don't stray from those foods, the body will Diet Solution Programautomatically rebalance itself, even though you're attempting to overeat.

I couldn't just eat any and all types of foods… I would overeat on as much food as I wanted, but ONLY the foods that are "approved" according to my rules (the same rules Isabel teaches in The Diet Solution Program).

You're not going to believe what happened. The end result after 6 weeks of trying to stuff my face with as much healthy food as possible: My body weight stayed EXACTLY the same! I didn't gain a single pound.

I know the first reaction of many people is that I just must have a "fast metabolism" or something along those lines and that's why I didn't gain weight – But that is false!

The truth is that I have no problem at all gaining weight when I overeat on junk food or processed food in general. I can guarantee you that if I was overeating on those foods during the 6 weeks, I would have gained a massive amount of weight.

In fact, in the past I've easily gained as much as 10 lbs in only 1 week when I've been on some sort of vacation and simply ate the normal types of processed foods that everyone else was eating.

This proves that I'm just as prone to gaining weight as anybody else. Eating nutrient dense foods forces the body to readjust, just like I theorized. Not only that, but this is the type of eating that pretty much totally eliminates cravings…

You just cannot get fat when you make the right food choices and you just can't help but burn fat off your body when you make the same great food choices. As I've mentioned before, I think one of the programs that gives some of the best guidelines for eating healthy and truly enjoying your food for lifelong success is Isabel De Los Rios' program"

Mike has an extremely effective fitness program and also shares many of the same nutrition principles that I follow. His program is called The Truth About Abs and

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Make a Wanted Poster in Photoshop

There is something just plain fun about wanted posters – the fake ones, at least. I've seen wanted posters used in some of the most creative ways, from invitations to help wanted advertisements.

Of course, the stand-by is a framed photo.Making your own wanted poster is so easy in Photoshop, you'll want to make them of all your family members!
All you need is a photograph that you want to use, a wanted poster template that you can download here, and Photoshop. Any version of Photoshop from 7 on will work fine – and most graphics editors that can handle layers.Making the Poster1.

Open the photograph you want to use in Photoshop. Our first step is to turn this photo into a sepia-toned antique. How easy is it? Terribly. With your photo open, set your foreground color to a tannish orange.
Then, using your rectangle shape tool (make sure it's the shape tool, not the marquee tool!), draw a square that covers the canvas.
Now, change that shape layer's mode to "Overlay", "Color", or "Hue". Each layer mode will affect the final look differently, so just go with what you like best.
Now we get to start putting the poster together. Leave your sepia-toned photo open, and open the wanted poster template. Then, grab your "move tool" and drag & drop the photo onto the poster.
Resize until the photograph will fit easily in the upper portion of the template. Reference Illustration 02.3. I wanted to add a little style to the poster before going further. Photoshop has a very clean star shape built in – I used this shape to create a series of stars down each side of the photograph.

What's left?
Text, of course! I used Cleaver's Juvenia Blocked, which is available for download at most free font sites. Use some creativity with the wording you choose – the standard "Wanted Dead or Alive" is a bit overdone …

(If you want to watch videos that SHOW you how to use Photoshop then follow this link)
I'm sure you can come up with something perfect. Reference Illustration 04.5. The last thing that I did was add a wood pattern to the background. Mayang provides dozens of free wood textures that you can view and snag from her site.And you're all done! Try printing the finished photo out and framing it – great work.

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How Walking Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally

In this article I will discuss the importance of walking in a blood pressure reduction program. It is important to note in that the newer trend of high intensity exercise with rest periods may be possible for you once you have mastered walking.

You need to be active to lower blood pressure. I know, easier said then done; however the more active you are, the more opportunity there is for blood vessels to open up to allow blood to flow naturally.

When you are go for a walk the blood vessels in the leg and the heart must stay wide (dilated). This allows those muscles to get the nutrients they need for energy. Walking causes the arteries to release this chemical known as "nitric acid". The function of nitric acid forces the muscle layer of the blood vessels to relax and dilate.

Now knowing this you need to find the time to go for a twenty minute walk at least 4-5 times a week. Three times a week is a bare minimum but for best results you need to be moving for at least twenty minutes more than 3 times a week.

So what is the best way to about this? Well here are a few ideas to get you going:

1) Go for a walk at lunch – prepare for the elements, make sure you have water with you
2) Ask friends or coworkers to walk with – it may help to build a stronger working relationship
3) Take your child or children for a walk and get them out of the house and away from the TV -you will grow as a family
4) If you walk alone hook yourself up with either an Mp3 players or an iPod -listen to your favorite music – now if you like heavy metal…
5) If you can walk to your destination do it instead of taking the car

You want to walk as much as possible because through out the day when you sit your circulation tends to get a bit sluggish. When you walk on a consistent basis your body releases more nitric acid and this allows for smooth passage of blood through out body including your coronary arteries. these are the arteries that supply the heart.

Combine this with some relaxation techniques and good eating habits you are on your way to lowering your blood pressure naturally.

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Glasses, Vision & The Mind

Vision plays a large part in the memory's process. The better an image is processed the easier it is to recall later. The more relaxed the eyes are, the better they can absorb an image. Too much stress and strain on the eyes are the main causes of most eye problems and ailments.


The brain and the eyes work closely as a team. The eyes have to first capture an image and focus on the shape, size, and colors. The mind needs to interpret that information which is seen and then store it for recall later. Images that we see daily take mere seconds to interpret and remember. New images take a little bit longer. The more focused the eyes are on an image the more strong the memory will become. When looking at new object, pay attention to the lines around it, the borders, colors, size, shape, and anything else that will make recall easier later. Of course, the more relaxed the eyes are the quicker the mind can process and memorize new objects.

Concentrating too hard or focusing on images that doesn't interest us causes unneeded strain and it will be difficult to remember them later. In order to maximize the memory, the image must first be viewed in a calm and relaxed manner. Below is a short exercise to try in order to get the mind and eyes to relax and work together properly.

First find a comfortable position, this could be sitting in your favorite chair or lying on the floor. Whichever your preference, make sure the spine is straight and the hands are relaxed at your side. Next, close your eyes and picture the number 5 down to 0 in your mind. Exhaling, really see the 5 in your mind. Let the eyes follow the black lines of the 5 and really picture the number. Relax and exhale completely by letting all the air out of your lungs until you naturally take the next breath.

Allow the lungs to fill completely with air and then picture the number 4. Again, picture the number completely while you exhale. Really see the lines, the black color, the shape; don't stop picturing the number until all the air has left your lungs and the next breath comes naturally. Do this all the way down to 0.

In time you should be able to visualize images in the mind more clearly and feel more relaxed in the processed.

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